EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul reveals Anthony Fauci skipped crucial safety steps after funding Wuhan lab research that led to Covid outbreak

On Wednesday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec interviewed Sen. Rand Paul about his new book, which focuses on former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci and his relationship to the virus that caused the world to go into lockdown.

The pair dove into various topics related to Fauci's past, including allegations that he skipped crucial safety steps after funding the research that could have allowed Covid to leak from a laboratory in China.


"Everything that Anthony Fauci and his cohorts, these other virologists, were saying publicly, they were saying the opposite privately," Paul began, noting that, "many of the people that were appointed to be part of this all had conflicts of interest that they weren't willing to reveal."

Paul went on to explain that while he would like to see Fauci prosecuted, his main goal was to inform the public and tell them the truth.

"Not only did he fund it, he skipped all of the steps ... set in place," Paul said of Fauci's involvement in gain-of-function research. "A safety committee was supposed to oversee this, and this research never went before the safety committee."

Paul noted that the story began long before Covid with the Avian Flu. In 2010, a Dutch scientist had proposed mutating the flu to see if it could be made more transmissible for humans, and Fauci responded by saying the chance of causing a pandemic was worth the scientific advancement.

The senator slammed Fauci for not only allowing gain-of-function research to continue, but then attempting to cover up any evidence that Covid had originated in a lab.

Paul also took aim at the Chinese Communist Party, which also engaged in a cover up to try and convince people that the virus had come from an animal at a wet market.

"Anthony Fauci ... ultimately showed that he cared more about the relationship with China than he cared about the truth. He says 'wet market, wet market,' but really within about a month the Chinese ... can't find any animals."

Image: Title: Poso Paul