NICOLE RUSSELL: Biden administration response to Israeli crisis shows they aren't capable of defending us

The Western world awakened Saturday morning to news that Hamas had systematically and without mercy begun targeting innocent Israeli citizens — including women, children, and entire families — an attack that has continued for days, and which has even claimed the lives of nine Americans. However, the Biden administration struggled to respond in a timely manner and failed to take the attack as seriously as it should, evoking questions of aptitude and even how Hamas received funding for such an attack.

While journalists, lawmakers, and the Biden administration had access to the terrifying attack as it happened, it took President Joe Biden hours to respond in person. His first on-camera remarks were not until nearly 3 p.m. October 7, in Washington, D.C.

The next day, while Israel was reeling from these attacks and defending themselves and their citizens, President and Mrs. Biden made the decision to continue hosting a BBQ and live band at the White House for House Executive Residence staff and their families. This was in extremely poor taste and showed the Biden Administration's lack of judgment.

The Administration continued to display a lack of continuity and respect for Israel as the Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent out at least two tweets that were so tone deaf he stealth-deleted them. Blinken’s first tweet said, “We urge all sides to refrain from violence retaliatory attacks.”

This would be like the U.S. being bombed at Pearl Harbor and one of our strongest allies suggesting we do nothing in response to defend ourselves. Blinken deleted the tweet then posted another suggesting he supports Turkey in efforts to simply encourage a cease-fire.

This is all in the midst of Israel trying to defend their borders while Hamas has killed hundreds of Israeli citizens, raped women, and abducted children. Hamas has taken hundreds of citizens, including children, as hostages into Gaza. Clearly, the Administration does not have a consistent, coherent message on the United States’ relationship with Israel or its stance on terrorism. This is abhorrent and must be remedied. None of the political leaders in the United States, whether Republican or Democrat, should have any hesitancy condemning terrorism and standing with an ally that is suffering from terrorist attacks.

To make matters worse, several members of Biden’s party seem to be offering vague statements about seeking peace or supporting Palestinians in Gaza. Several Democrats in Congress have posted on social media or released statements either demanding that Israel de-escalate or in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

Finally, the immediacy of this war and the pointed attacks of Hamas to Israel raise questions about how such a terrorist group was able to fund, plan, and execute such a pointed and large-scale attack on Israel without their knowledge.

It’s known that Iran is one of the primary financial supporters of the terrorist group Hamas and that the Biden administration recently released $6 billion to Iran, free from sanctions. Victoria Coates, former deputy national security advisor to President Donald Trump, said Saturday on Newsmax, “You can just draw a direct line between [the Biden administration’s] permissive attitude and policy toward the Islamic Republic of Iran and these terrorist attacks on Israel.”

That same day, on that same station, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said “Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel have been “made possible by the Biden Administration loosening sanctions” on Iran and giving the terrorist state $6 billion. “Israel has not only the right but the duty to defend themselves,” DeSantis said.

It’s vital that the Biden Administration understand and take full responsibility for giving any fungible monies to Iran and reevaluate why the United States would be giving any funds to a country known for funding terrorists like Hamas.

Wars like this require strong leaders. Today it is Israel, tomorrow it could be another ally, or even us. We need an administration that is ready to respond, willing to act, and who is not only supporting our allies when they need them but also looking at our own role in world events and ensuring that we, too, are prepared to defend ourselves against terrorism.

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