BREAKING: Zelensky blames Putin for Hamas attack on Israel

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video on Monday blaming the attacks on Israel by Hamas on Russia and Vladamir Putin. The attacks have resulted in a war between the IDF and Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, mostly taking place in and around the Gaza Strip.

He posted the video to X, with the caption:

"We have data very clearly proving that Russia is interested in inciting war in the Middle East. So that a new source of pain and suffering would erode global unity and exacerbate cleavages and controversies, helping Russia in destroying freedom in Europe.

We can see Russian propagandists gloating. We can see Moscow’s Iranian friends openly extending a helping hand to those who attacked Israel.

All of this represents a much greater threat than the world is currently aware of. The world wars of the past were triggered by local aggressions.

We know how to counter this threat. We have already prepared the necessary steps. And our primary goal is to protect the need for maximum global unity."

Zelensky stated, "We see Moscow's Iranian friends openly supporting those who attacked Israel... And all of this is a much greater threat than the world currently perceives."

"We are preparing the appropriate steps. And most importantly, we are defending the need for maximum unity in the world," he claimed.

"I am grateful to all the leaders and states who are now fully aware of the danger and are ready to work together to keep the situation under control to give the obvious sponsors of terror from broader interference," he continued, seemingly referencing Russia.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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