JACK POSOBIEC: Conservatives are facing the 'first stages of the red winter'

Jack Posobiec delivered a scathing opening monologue on his show Friday detailing the situation the conservative right is facing currently, warning his audience to not “take the bait” of the left.

He began, “We are facing the first stages of the red winter. And no, I don't mean conservative red. I don't mean MAGA red. I mean that other kind of red. I mean the old red. I mean the red of 1917, I mean the red of 1949. That's the red that I'm talking about.

Joe Biden goes out and gives a series of speeches targeting MAGA as the domestic extremists in this country. Then Newsweek, on the front cover, says the FBI has started a secret task force specifically dedicated to MAGA," he continued. "then Hillary Clinton goes on air and tells us that she is calling for reeducation camps.”

“Do you understand? Are you paying attention yet?” He asked his audience. “Why are they running this playbook? Again? Because it's the only playbook that they have. It's the same playbook. They've always used. Whether it's the French Revolution, whether it's 1917, whether it's 1949, or 1966, China, it's the same thing we've seen. All of this has happened before. And all of this is happening again.

“Are you ready for that knock on your door in the middle of the night saying ‘come with us?’ Have you had that conversation with your family? Have you had that conversation with your friends? Are you prepared for what's coming? Are you afraid?

“Because I'm prepared,” Posobiec averred. “I’m prepared for one day, when I will be brought before my Creator. And I will kneel before the throne and I will be asked, ‘What did you do with the resources you were given?’ I know what my answer is going to be. I know what I'm going to say when I'm brought before the throne. And I am not worried. And I am not scared. And I'm not intimidated or threatened by any of these principalities and powers that we face here on Earth. None. Not even for a second.

“I’m not going to stop. I'm not going to quit. I don't care what Merrick Garland says. I don't care what the disinformation experts say. I don't care if they try to censor me. I don’t care if they try to come after me. I'm never stopping. I'm never quitting.”

He reminded his audience to not “take the bait.”

“They want you to take the bait,” he concluded. “They're lashing out like a drowning man trying to pull you down.

“Now. I'm telling you, you have the strength. You have the power and we have the sword of Saint Michael before us. Call upon the sword of Saint Michael, and you will be defended.”

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