JACK POSOBIEC: New Speaker must 'comply with the MAGA agenda' or the motion to vacate 'is going to be deployed against you again'

News broke Thursday morning that Donald Trump is considering a visit to Capitol Hill ahead of the House Speaker vote and is reportedly open to pitching himself as a candidate for House Speaker after Kevin McCarthy was ousted on Tuesday.

Jack Posobiec analyzed who the frontrunners for the chair currently are, without the former President’s bid, on his show Thursday and what his expectations are, along with the majority of conservative Americans, of the next Speaker.

He noted he could tell that the two leads who have officially put a bid in for Speaker are Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise. While Scalise, he said, leans more toward the establishment and is facing health issues, Jim Jordan is not the best with delivery.

“This is why the grassroots must understand we have a new tactic,” he continued. “We have a new tactic on our hands to hold leadership accountable.”

“It's called the MAGA nuclear option. And it's as simple as this: command by negation.”

To whoever gains the chair of the Speaker of the House, Posobiec warned: “Either you comply with the MAGA agenda, either you comply with defunding the deep state, with actually doing something about the weaponization of the DOJ against conservatives … [or] the motion to vacate, the ‘MTV,’ is going to be deployed against you again, and again.”

He reemphasized that the FBI has leaked a press release of their own to Newsweek claiming they’ve started a task force targeting Trump supporters but that they did so along with the Biden administration to bait devotees into action, to which he warns “DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT.”

Speaking again to Republican elected officials Posobiec continued, “You're locked in here with all of us. And so either you comply, or you get out of the way. Lead, follow, or we will remove you. It's as simple as that.

“Once the nuclear option has been done, it's on the table, and it can be done again and again.”

Directing his attention specifically towards frontrunners for the Speaker, Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, or “anybody else who wants to be speaker,” he asked, “are you going to deliver or are we going to have to make you disappear again?

“It's as simple as that. Did you think that we were playing? Welcome to the churn, GOP establishment. Either you go along with this, or you go home. It's as simple as that. The choice, dear friends, is yours. You can make your own history. You can write your own destiny.

“You're either with us or you're with them. It's quite simple. I'm making it very easy for you and I guarantee I'm gonna back it up.”

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