JACK POSOBIEC and RICHARD BARIS: RFK's run could mean that Trump loses the Rust Belt to Biden

After news broke Friday afternoon that RFK Jr. would be running in the 2024 presidential election as an Independent, Jack Posobiec hosted Richard Baris on his show Monday to hear his take on what his announcement will mean to the race.

After conducting polling and general surveying, Baris noted there were a couple of points he wanted to focus on, the first being that Americans who are voting for RFK Jr. are not “Kennedy Democrats” despite the last name.

Instead, he has been successful in getting the Independent vote. Joe Biden retains the solid Democrat vote, while Donald Trump is predicted to win the Republican primary.

“So this is something I want to explain to people,” Baris stated. “RFK has a certain vote. If he doesn't get the nomination, huge shares of them said that they would vote for Donald Trump if RFK was not the Democratic nominee.”

These votes, which Trump would have gotten if RFK stuck to the Democrat ticket and failed to win the primary, would have proven extremely beneficial for Trump in the general election, particularly in Michigan where Trump gained the crossover vote from Bernie Sanders in 2016 and went on to win the election.

Baris compared elections to race lanes, noting that “there are two outsiders in the race,” Donald Trump being the first.

“And Biden is the insider. You throw another outsider in there, and that's how insiders win.”

The new "outsider" is now RFK Jr.

Posobiec elaborated further: “Two viable anti-establishment candidates, sitting in the same lane; What you'll have is a split in that anti-establishment vote that otherwise could have come together.”

He then called out Democrats for not saying “a single word about blocking RFK since the minute this news dropped.”

“All the attacks on RFK have disappeared since he said that he wants to come in as an independent,” he continued. “Nobody's calling for him to be suspended anymore. Nobody's calling for him to be taken down. Nobody's calling for him to be censored.”

“Neocon donors they're salivating about this,” he noted. “You will see uniparty establishment law firms and activists getting involved … to try to make [RFK] get on to the ballot.”

He explained that American voters who were considering Trump just because they did not want to see another Biden presidential term will now go for RFK.

Baris elaborated that Trump would need to work to obtain voters in the Rust Belt States, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, to potentially beat out RFK Jr. and Joe Biden for presidency.

“If he gets Arizona and Georgia, he's going to need at least Wisconsin. But because he is Donald Trump, he plays in Pennsylvania, he plays in Michigan. It's very critical,” he concluded.

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