CHARLIE KIRK: RFK Jr as Donald Trump's VP is 'a bad idea'

Charlie Kirk explored what RFK Jr. running for Presidency on a third-party ticket might look like in the 2024 election or even as a Vice President to the projected Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

RFK Jr. has garnered attention for vocally opposing the Big Pharma vaccines, masks, Covid-19 restrictions and vowing to expose dark government operations.

Yet left-wing media has been quick to release articles claiming that him running as a third-party candidate would be detrimental to Biden and Democrats. Kirk theorized that this is part of a scheme to effectively trick Republicans into encouraging his run as a Libertarian.

He explained that because of Kennedy’s steadfast stances on issues like vaccine mandates and his “MAGA” rhetoric, Republicans would be more likely to vote for him as a third-party candidate over Democrats, pulling votes from Trump and paving the way for a Biden 2024 victory.

He stated, “Libertarians being on the ballot almost always hurt Republicans.”

Kirk noted that he has been receiving a lot of emails from his audience wondering if RFK could be a suitable pick for Trump’s VP to which he said “That's a bad idea.”

“Let's say that Donald Trump were to no longer be president. You're going to have a pro-abortion guy who calls Moms for Liberty a hate group, someone who says ‘I’m gonna be the most pro-trans president in history,’ be one heartbeat away?” Kirk asked rhetorically.

“You need ideological and world view harmony between the President and the Vice President.”

After reminding his audience that RFK Jr. opposes 2A, he continued, “He has a niche that he's excellent at, and I'm support him in that, talking about how the administrative state is overturning the will of the American people. How you have an unelected, unknown fourth branch of government that is constantly usurping what the American people want.”

Kirk concluded that the best-case scenario for Republicans would be for RFK Jr. to “just run as a Democrat and destroy Biden's narrative,” adding that “when it comes to the general election, I think it would hurt Donald Trump's chances significantly [if he ran as an Independent.]”

Image: Title: Kirk RFK