DAVID KRAYDEN: Trudeau blaming India for murder of Canadian Sikh separatist reveals his hypocrisy, ego and a personal vendetta

India has officially labeled Canada "a safe haven for terrorists, for extremists, and for organized crime," as their Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson put it.

Well, as far as harboring Sikh separatist terrorists goes, that has been the case for decades in Canada and won't come as a revelation to anyone who remembers the Air India bombing of 1985. This was the worst terrorist act in Canadian history, committed by members of Canada's extremist Sikh community against Indo-Canadians. 

Only in July, Sikh extremists in Canada were in a blood-lust over Indian diplomats whom they blamed for the murder of a wanted Sikh terrorist living in Canada. The ubiquitous posters alleging this crime and advertising a rally in support of Sikh separatism did not come down until the event had played out.

That connection doesn't seem to bother Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – just as China's interference in Canadian elections left him nonplussed for years—before it came a hot political issue and he realized he had to look concerned. 

Trudeau delivered another word salad speech to the House of Commons to announce that there are "credible allegations" that Indian agents right out of a James Bond novel were somehow involved in the killing of Sikh secessionist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on June 18 in Surrey, BC.

He spoke about Canada and the "rule of law," the "unacceptable violation of our sovereignty" and all this being "contrary to the fundamental rules by which free and democratic societies conduct themselves." 

He offered not a shred of evidence that India was behind the killing and Official Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre has demanded Trudeau give something other than platitudes before the Conservatives will support Trudeau's vendetta against India. 

He's not getting any concurrence from Canada's allies who probably wonder if the unhinged Trudeau is talking rubbish again. 

It has to be noted that Canada has a considerable Sikh population. Most of them can be seen from corner stores to the Parliament of Canada. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh is a Sikh. 

Some Sikh Canadians have chosen not to leave their regional disputes alone and continue to fight for an independent Sikh nation in the Khalistan region of India. The Indian government is in the same sort of conflict with these Sikh nationalists as Northern Ireland and Britain experienced with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) for decades. Many Irish-Amerians supported the IRA with moral and financial support – even though it should not have been their fight anymore.

As far as engineering the murder of a Canadian citizen in British Columbia, India has denied any involvement and called Trudeau's story "absurd and motivated."

Motivated by what you may ask? 

Well Trudeau has conducted two infamous and embarrassment-laden trips to India. The first in 2018 provided Trudeau with the opportunity to pose in several photo ops where the hypocritical PM engaged in some classic cultural appropriation of traditional Indian clothing. Trudeau's incessant preening before the camera, as well his futile and hilarious attempts to imitate traditional Indian dance, made the hapless world leader an international laughingstock. Just how shallow and useless is this man?

Well, he is up to show the world just how shallow and useless that can be. In his latest trip to India this month to attend the G-20, Trudeau did everything possible to alienate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He avoided Modi's embrace at a wreath-laying ceremony for Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated by Khalistani terrorists. The petulant Trudeau wouldn't say what his problem was; Canadians could figure that out by himself. 

The prime minister couldn't be bothered to show up at a reception for Modi, the host of the G-20.

Trudeau was also a no-show at the Global Biofuels Alliance launch. Trudeau will usually insert himself prominently and aggressively into any announcement that features green energy but not if India is sponsoring it. 

Just before the G-20 conference Canada withdrew from trade talks with India, offering no explanation for that either.

When asked by reporters if he had achieved anything during another ill-starred odyssey to India, Trudeau said he had talked about the progress Canada is making on gender pronouns and "reconciliation" with indigenous people. Trudeau classically demonstrated how that reconciliation works when he turfed Canada's first indigenous justice minister from her post after Jody Wilson-Raybould expressed her dismay with Trudeau's judicial interference in the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Commenting on Trudeau's bad attitude, the Tribune of India said Trudeau resembled  "a slightly forlorn figure," who seemed to project "his loneliness."

"Trudeau is overstaying his tepid welcome," noted India Today.

Actually, Trudeau literally did overstay his time in India because the aircraft that was supposed to fly Trudeau and his retinue broke down – in a classic and visceral metaphor for the whole Trudeau government. 

The mainstream media, always anxious for Trudeau to appear alive to any news that doesn't involve gender ideology or gay pride "season" actually asked Defence Minister Bill Blair if he thought Indian saboteurs had been responsible for the plane's mechanical failure. Blair, who, as Minister of "Border Security" had infamously watched hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants walk across the Quebec border into four star hotels, couldn't answer the question and couldn't even put a sentence together.

So don't think for a minute that Trudeau is really worried about Canadian sovereignty, or the rule of law or anything that remotely resembles the sensibilities of ordinary Canadians. He's playing his usual game of projection with India: investing his new enemy with all the nefarious objectives and hypocrisy that he in fact embodies with such overwhelming evidence. 

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