EXCLUSIVE: Katy Faust exposes how Ukraine's surrogacy industry has led to global child trafficking

In response to the bombshell report that a boarding school in Ukraine has been used for an organ harvesting network, Kay Faust joined Jack Posobiec to expose the malevolent surrogacy network that supports child trafficking. Faust is founder and director of children's rights organization Them Before Us.

Posobiec began with a staggering statistic that “25 percent of the world’s surrogacy comes out of Ukraine.”

Faust said this is, in part, because the “the baby-making industry is always looking to cut costs.”

She noted that sperm, a womb, and an egg is needed to "manufacture a child in a laboratory," but that wombs are the most sought after commodity.

“Wombs are very, very hard to find. That is the most expensive part of the baby-making assembly process. And so big fertility is always in search of cheaper and more available wombs. And they tend to find that in areas where women are more economically vulnerable.”

Faust explained that the start of the big fertility industry saw third-world countries “open their doors” to it and women would “rent out their bodies for a year” out of economic desperation. After gaining popularity, countries such as Nepal, India, and Cambodia would attempt to adopt the practice but would quickly ban big fertility because it is “nothing short of human trafficking” and a “violation of human rights.”

Referencing the video of the jailed child trafficker from the exclusive report in Human Events admitting that his boarding school had partnerships with these “baby factories,” Posobiec said that he had had no idea how unregulated the industry is.

Faust expanded that unlike the Chinese adoption agency that she had been assistant director for, big fertility is comprised of “the intentional separation of children from their parents, with none of the screenings, vetting background checks, post-placement reports required in the adoption world.”

She continued, “one of the main problems with big fertility is that it violates the gold standard, one of the greatest red lines never to cross in adoption, which is: in adoption, you never have direct payments from the adoptive parents, to the birth parents, to the genetic parents.”

“If you do that, you immediately step into the world of child trafficking… But that is actually what big fertility is built on.”

She noted that “even if the baby ends up going to a loving heterosexual couple,” that child has still been categorically trafficked.

Posobiec asked how lucrative the big fertility industry is, to which Faust responded, “Well, it's growing by leaps and bounds.”

“We don't know how many kids are born, we don't know where they're going, very often they are crossing borders, a lot of times they're not registered. Even if they are registered, they're not registered with factual information.”

“We now have entire governments that are falsifying children's birth certificates. And instead of putting the genetic parents on the birth certificate, they're putting the commissioning parents on the birth certificate of the child.”

She continued, “We don't know how much these agencies are making. We don't know what happens to the children that are unused and discarded, donated.”

“There are virtually no limitations, no record keeping, no tracking on what's happening in this very lucrative industry.”

Posobiec reported that $14 billion of the big fertility industry is coming out of Ukraine alone.

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