JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: Liberals breaking ranks over NYC's migrant crisis shows they can't ignore the problem

Democrats expressing how they really feel makes other Democrats very angry.

The View co-host Ana Navarro, in a recent appearance on “The View,” almost sounded like a MAGA extremist. When the topic of asylum seekers flooding New York City came up, she observed, “it puts tremendous stress on a city, on a community, on the social services. They need to be resettled elsewhere.”

Joy Behar, also a co-host on The View, perhaps in an effort to not seem racist or classist towards illegal migrants flooding New York City, reverted back to the Democrat voter’s kryptonite - climate. She reasoned that dispersing illegal immigrants like chess pieces throughout the United States and New York City, rather than hogging them all in New York City, is vital.

“it’s only going to get worse with global warming and climate change”, said Behar.

On September 8, New York City Mayor Adams spoke at an Upper West Side town hall. He admitted what every New York City resident not in a vegetative state knows: New York’s homegrown migrant crisis is destroying the Big Apple, or more specifically, Manhattan.

Adams said, “Let me tell you something, New Yorkers. Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month.”

This is on top of the 110,000 Adams already welcomed with concierge service. The only thing Adams didn’t admit to is that this is a catastrophe entirely of his own making. He campaigned on non-citizens, then 800,000, being allowed to vote. Now, he wants those here illegally, the majority of which will never be granted “asylum,” to work only so that they can vote.

This has been a staunch platform of the progressive Democrats. There are to be no pictures of deteriorating quality of life, no transparency on financial devastation to taxpayers, no mention of the crime caused by illegal immigration, and no assessment of the ruination it wreaks on the education complex and the American children within who are already struggling.

But just in case Navarro doesn’t get her wish to scatter illegal immigrants across the country, she told her audience, Adams has “a flair for drama.” Behar agreed, saying Adams’ town hall speech was a “little dramatic.”

Democrat politicians took it a step further than Navarro and Behar. They don’t just think Adams is a “little dramatic”, they think he’s dead wrong for maligning those here illegally.

Democrat Comptroller Brad Lander tweeted, “My office will review these proposed budget cuts [impacting every city agency to accommodate illegal immigrants], but one thing is immediately clear: Scapegoating asylum seekers will not improve education, public safety, housing affordability, or quality of life for New Yorkers.” Note to Lander, it’s not “scapegoating” if it’s true. Nota bene to Lander, you work for us, tax paying citizens.

AOC was also quick to tell us not to trust our lying eyes. In response to Adams, she tweeted, “Choosing to gut public programs, favor big business, skyrocket rents, and defunding schools to add *another* $5b in militarization then blaming immigrants for it is not leadership. The White House *does* need to step up. We have solutions. Alienating people isn’t one of them.”

Note to AOC, you have no solutions other than Federal handouts. If you do, why haven't you offered them? Moreover, why aren’t they working?

But other Democrats, the ones not in public office raking in fortunes, working behind barricades, armed security, enjoying chauffeured cars, and going to the uber exclusive Met Gala, were swift to rebuke The View’s co-host’s statements. It doesn’t matter whether we call them illegal migrants or asylum seekers - there’s been a referendum. While we might argue about what they’re called, we don’t want them. As per an August 22nd Siena Poll, 82 percent of New Yorkers say illegal immigration is a “serious problem.” New York State is 61 percent Democrat. New York City is 68 percent Democrat. Again, 82 percent of New Yorkers are saying that when forced to live with the policies they voted for, they don't like it one bit.

The illegal migrant crisis is so bad, it’s all anyone can speak about. Every single area in the wealthiest borough of New York City, Manhattan, is seeing the effects. Even now, you can see many migrants underground in the subways selling goods with their children, without vendor permits or minor work permits. Above ground, the most brazen of them can be found loitering, or even committing crimes such as pickpocketing or assault, including of women, and even police. Whatever your humanitarian instincts, what good do they do when the result is endangering citizens, not to mention their children?

“Resettl[ing] [the migrants] elsewhere” isn’t the answer. Even if the uber rich on The View or the Democrats in New York City public office don’t like it, we have to deal with the crisis, and enforce the law. If the likes of Behar and Navarro want to prove their empathy, let them take the asylum into their homes. Let them donate their salaries to the city to offset the “cut services” which this crisis has necessitated. If they won’t, then neither should taxpayers.

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