Australia's first female PM can't say what a woman is

The first female Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, was unable to define the term "woman" after being asked to do so during a women's advancement event at the Governor's House in Adelaide on Friday.

Biddy O'Loughlin, a musician and member of Women's Rights Network Australia, asked Gillard, "What is a woman? And do you agree with Queensland's Attorney General Minister for Women, Shannon Fentimen, that trans women are women? And with the UK's leader of the Labour Party, Kier Starmer, that some women have a penis?"

Instead of providing the factual definition that a woman is a biological female, Gillard claimed that as long as an individual identifies as a woman through their "mind and soul" telling them that they are, than community members need to treat their decision with "love, inclusion, and respect."

"I think we've just got to move away from all of that and just come at least once again from first principles and say to ourselves, 'We as a community, full of people with diverse stories and diverse life experiences, amongst that rich diversity...There are a number of people who genuinely believe that they are trapped in the wrong body, and they want to be recognized as the gender that their mind and soul has always told them that they are," Gillard said during the event.

"And that doesn't go one way. It goes both ways... People who have transitioned from being men to being women and women who have transitioned to being men. And I think we've just got to say like we want to show everybody else in the community love inclusion and respect, we should do that," she concluded.

The inability to define the term "woman" has become a worldwide phenomenon, as progressive left-leaning politicians and lawmakers choose to replace science with virtue signals to appeal to the far-left activist class. In the United States, one of the most notable incidents of the inability to provide the standard definition of the term woman came when Senator Marsha Blackburn asked then-nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to define the word during Joe Biden's Supreme Court confirmation hearings. 

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