EXCLUSIVE: Raw Egg Nationalist says 'managed lawlessness' root cause of decline of 'law and order'

Jack Posobiec and Raw Egg Nationalist discussed the prevalence of what could be called anarcho-tyranny, or a controlled form of violence used by governments to push and bolster their political agenda. 

Posobiec echoed the headline of Raw Egg's recent opinion piece, which stated that "the crime is the point." He asked Raw Egg to "walks us through what you meant by that, and why you believe that is your theory of the case."

"I start from the basic observation that law and order seem to be in retreat," Raw Egg said. "Everywhere we look, crime is flourishing. Ordinary people are being left at the mercy of criminals. There's a level of endemic crime in society now that seems to be unparalleled. That's certainly the way it feels, anyway. But then at the same time, what we have is we have the police, rather than investigating this crime, rather than doing anything about it, they seem to be persecuting ordinary people instead."

He noted the "dreadful, dreadful video from the UK a few days ago, of an autistic girl being arrested for saying that a female police officer looked like her lesbian grandmother, and she had half a dozen big, burly policemen descend on her and take her away to a police station for questioning because she'd made a flippant remark."

Raw Egg said that when a lot of conservative commentators talk about crime, they point to it as a result of having a liberal "ruling party."

"You know, the liberals have a certain worldview. They believe certain things about human nature. You know, they believe in the better angels of our nature, the Rousseauian view of man. But actually, what I think and what other people, including the thinker, Sam Francis, think is that actually, crime is a useful tool of political control. And that's the argument that I advanced throughout the piece."

"I talked about the fact that actually allowing a certain level of endemic crime serves a very particular political purpose, certainly on the left and that was made very, very clear, I think, during the mostly peaceful riots of 2020. Crime was an essential tool of pacification of the middle classes and also in need of redistribution of wealth, which is basically now the radical left's project for America - to refound America as a radical redistributionist nation in order to atone for the original sin of slavery. So that's the basic argument that I advanced throughout the piece."

Referencing a new lawsuit from the City of Philadelphia against gun shop owners for allegedly selling guns to people who used them for criminal activity, Posobiec said that "these are the same law enforcement officials that refuse to actually lock up the criminals that are actually committing those crimes."

"Aren't the police supposed to be protecting us?" Raw Egg asked. "Well, actually, no, they're not. That's not what they're doing. And the thing is that actually, it's been this way for quite some time. I don't think that this is a totally new development. That's what's interesting about the work of Sam Francis. So in 1992, Sam Francis coined the term anarcho-tyranny, and basically, that's his way of describing a system of basically managed lawlessness, which is what we're talking about. And the unpalatable truth is really that both sides of the political divide have used the tactics of anarcho-tyranny. They've advanced exorbitant taxation, they've increased bureaucracy. They've advanced political correctness and hate speech codes ... Both sides have also allowed crime to flourish as well."

"So it's one of these things that actually, when you start to look into it, neither side is without guilt. And as I say, at the end of the piece, it's not a wonder actually that instead of looking to one side or the other, ordinary people are now looking to an outsider - a wrecking ball, as I described such a figure - to do a way to smash the whole system to pieces."

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