Autistic UK teen girl brutally arrested in her own home after saying 'I think she's a lesbian' about a police officer

A 16-year-old autistic girl was arrested by West Yorkshire Police after a female officer accused the teen of “homophobia." The crime the teen allegedly committed was saying "I think she's a lesbian" about the female police officer.

The mother of the girl, who goes by Nikita Snow on social media, explained that her oldest daughter, 18, had been out with friends on August 7. Her 16-year-old daughter, Amanda, was also with the group, per Reduxx

The eldest sibling contacted the police after her younger sister began to act in “unsafe ways,” unable to reach her mother. She explained that her younger sister was autistic and needed a safe escort home.

“They said they would come assist in getting her home as she is vulnerable, with her being diagnosed with autism,” Snow said. “When they arrived where my two daughters were, Amanda refused to travel alone with them and wanted her sister to come with her, so she agreed.”

Snow claims she was woken up at 1 am to the sound of knocking at the door. It was the West Yorkshire Police with her two daughters. 

“They said they were just bringing her home safely… [But] one of the officers had hold of Amanda and was squeezing her arm very tightly. She asked me to get [the officer] off her arm as it was hurting so I guided my daughter inside,” Snow said.

As Amanda was being brought into the house, she made a remark about the female officer that kicked off the scuffle. 

Snow said: “She said ‘I think she’s a lesbian like nanna Julie.’” Snow noted that officer had short, blonde hair. “I just felt a jolt on my back… the officer had launched herself in my home at me and Amanda. She was grabbing her.”

Snow claims that Amanda rushed to a cupboard under the stairs and began crying, not knowing what was happening. She also started self-harming out of stress, per the report.

“She was crying and saying sorry to the police woman,” Snow said. “That’s when I grabbed my phone and started recording.”

Video footage shows multiple police officers surrounding the cupboard, as Amanda backed herself in for safety. 

The female officer said “She’s getting arrested … Another unit’s coming, don’t worry … I’m telling you another unit is coming, she is going to get arrested tonight.”

Snow pleaded with the officers, trying to explain that her daughter had autism.

The video exploded online, with the West Yorkshire Police ultimately publishing a statement on the incident, saying that Amanda had been arrested “on suspicion of a homophobic public order offense. The nature of the comments made was fully captured on body-worn video.”

One X user said: “UK, this may be one of the most uncomfortable videos I've had to watch. This is what hate speech legislation that prioritises certain groups over others, looks like in action, poor child.”

British political commentator Carl Benjamin posted: “The West Yorkshire police consider themselves the victims of the public.”

He added: “Thank you for keeping us safe from the word 'lesbian,' Mr Khan.”

Benjamin was referring to Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London.

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