POSOBIEC: Trump’s popularity SOARS as another unhinged Democrat indictment backfires

Jack Posobiec and Richard Baris discussed former President Donald Trump's immense support not only from his base, but from independents who are watching these indictments unfold. Georgia DA Fani Willis is the latest person to bring charges against the former president, in what some believe to be overt political persecution against the opposing party. 

Posobiec speculated on what must have been offered to her to insist on carrying out these indictments, which are just the latest in a slew of charges lodged against the 2024 GOP frontrunner.

"What did you have to sign over? Did they promise you a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court?" Posobiec wondered if she might have been given an opportunity to run for Congress or state governor.

"Go look at Kim Gardner. She was the last one they tried this with. They got what they could out of Kim Gardner ... but eventually, she ran into a brick wall known as reality. And not only did she have to resign as DA ... she lost her license completely. And she's now in nursing school."

Posobiec insisted that individuals - especially those in government - have to be willing to think for themselves. He noted that there must be something in it for those who decide to go along with the crowd. 

He continued: "The Georgia State Legislature, both houses are controlled by Republicans," and he suggested that the Republican government would not "lift a finger" to do anything to stop the way the situation has developed against Trump. He went on to note that when Mark Meadows decided to do something about the alleged wrongdoing against Trump, "they decided to charge him [for it]."

"Are you paying attention folks? It isn't about the enemy at the gates. It's about the traitors in your midst. And we've got people like Fani Willis running these dangerous, dangerous schemes."

Despite the indictments, Posobiec told Baris that Trump is ahead of both Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden when it comes to independent voters, saying that among Trump, DeSantis, and Biden, the numbers are "37, 31, 28 respectively."

"Trump is the leading candidate with independents right now, according" to the latest poll. "Why was the donor math ... so completely wrong when looking at the effects of these indictments on this primary?"

Baris responded: "It's very simple why these voters aren't abandoning Donald Trump. If a leader doesn't abandon the people who have entrusted him to lead and represent them, the people [won't] abandon him."

"You know, when the leader betrays those people, then they will abandon him, and I find it just astonishing that I have to explain this, it's so simple ... So if you did what he did for your people, for your constituents, they wouldn't abandon you either, but they do what's expedient." Baris noted that there is also no universal consensus on whether Trump really has committed crimes. This runs counter to Biden's son, Hunter Biden, where there is a universal understanding that what he did was unlawful. 

He continued: "This looks like a system trying to take down an opponent. And these indictments were all baked into the cake. And Charlie talks to a lot of same donors, I think, that we are talking to. We're all hearing the same thing. The bottom line is they were told that January 6 indictment was there ... They were so foolish, Jack, so foolish. I mean, they just don't understand - not only the Republican electorate - but as you can see with these polls, they don't understand people. And that is a major problem, because politics is all about people. And this is why we're in a point in our history where people just feel like they're not represented."

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