DAVID MARCUS: House Dem Dan Goldman lost when prosecuting Trump over 'perfect phone call' with Ukraine, now he's losing in defense of Biden

Hunter Biden associate and fellow Burisma board member Devon Archer had not even finished his testimony last week when freshman New York Rep. Dan Goldman came rushing out to the microphones to try and spin the damning revelations.

It’s been quite a ride for Goldman. Just three years ago, he was lead majority counsel in the first impeachment of Donald Trump, where his main job was to convince Senate Republicans to convict the 45th president for alleged abuse of power and obstruction of Congress over Ukraine.

In the end only, Sen. Mitt Romney was convinced, and only on one count.

Oh, how the tides have turned as the prosecutor becomes the defense, and as it turns out, Goldman isn’t particularly good at either role.

Let’s go back to July 20, when a smug Goldman was questioning IRS whistleblower Gary Shapely and pressed him on the claim that Hunter Biden told Joe Biden he wanted to do business with foreign nationals.

Goldman was trying to argue that Joe Biden was barely involved in these schemes, but as Shapely pointed out, it also confirmed Joe Biden’s bald faced lie that he never spoke about business with Hunter.

A ridiculous Goldman threw his hands in the air and said, “Hunter Biden does try to do business, that is correct.”

Next we can look at Goldman’s shambolic questioning of Archer from the transcript of the closed door hearing in which Goldman admitted Hunter Biden was absolutely selling influence to his foreign partners. Here is the exchange:

"It's not about selling access to his father. It's about selling the illusion of access to his father. Is that fair?" Goldman questioned.

"Is that fair? I mean, yeah, that is – I think that's – that's almost fair," Archer responded.

"Almost fair. Why almost fair?" Goldman went on.

"Because there – there is – there are touch points and contact points that I can't deny that happened, but nothing of material was discussed. But I can't go on record saying that - there was – there was communications," said Archer.

Well, waddya know? Just like that, Goldman loaded the Democrat goal posts on Biden into a rocket ship and launched them into space.

We had gone, in moments, from Joe had nothing to do with Hunter’s business, to Joe was involved in the influence peddling scheme, with his phone calls and dinners with Hunter’s partners, but he himself had no idea.

Let us set to one side how incredibly implausible it is that Joe Biden had no clue that his son was selling access to and influence over him on multiple continents and, instead, focus on what Goldman had to say back when he was prosecuting Trump.

Take this from Goldman’s opening statement back in 2019 about Trump’s allegation that then Vice President Joe Biden had gotten Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired to help Burisma, the energy concern paying Hunter millions:

“Witnesses unanimously testified that there was no factual support for this claim. Rather, they noted that Vice President Biden was acting in support of an international consensus and official U.S. policy to clean up the prosecutor general’s office in Ukraine.”

Really? Why wasn’t Devon Archer a witness? He could have clearly shown that Hunter had Burisma convinced that they had the Vice President of the United States in their pocket, and that Shokin was a consistent problem for the company.

How about the FBI FD-1023 form that contains specific information, from a trusted source, indicating that Joe and Hunter split $10 million in direct Burisma bribes? Was Goldman aware of it? If not, why not?

Dan Goldman failed the most important test for prosecutors, his job was not to get Trump, his job was to get to the truth, and he didn’t even arrive in the same zip code.

Today, as a new member of Congress Goldman has a far easier job, as self appointed defense representative for Biden he can simply deflect, and pontificate, and distract the American people from the parade of revelations that put Joe Biden closer and closer to the center of this scandal.

But in the end the results will be the same. Goldman is convincing exactly nobody who isn’t already on team Biden that there is nothing to see here, and the more desperate he gets, the more foolish he looks.

It's kind of incredible really. Dan Goldman already lost this case as the prosecutor against Trump, now he’s losing it again as Joe Biden’s primary defender, but these are wages of duplicity, and the representative from New York has more than earned the scorn that is rightfully now falling on him.

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