ANTHONY WATSON: Massachusetts governor asks residents to shelter illegal immigrants in their private homes

The Governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healey asked local residents to assist the state and temporarily house illegal immigrants in their private homes.

Just last month, New York City Mayor Eric Adams considered asking big apple residents to do the same, citing the massive influx of illegal migrants in the city. Instead, the mayor began distributing fliers asking illegal migrants to look for a new state to call home. “Please consider another city as you make your decision about where to settle in the U.S.” the fliers read.

Homeless migrants have dispersed across the U.S. following a border state initiative to ship the migrants to the sanctuary city of their choice, exporting the crisis to states and localities that were in favor of open border policies, and believed they would not live with the immediate consequences.

After New York City Mayor Adams harshly criticized border state governors for the initiative, he was caught spending $50,000 in taxpayer funds to ship illegal immigrants out of NYC to Florida, Texas, and even to South America and China.

In a statement, the Massachusetts Governor said that this would be a “temporary measure” to respond to the high number of new arrivals while state officials work to secure more permanent solutions and shelters. According to Breitbart News, Massachusetts “is paying for nearly 40 hotels and motels” for illegal immigrants, which does not account for the full 316,000 illegal migrants in the state.

Currently, 3,853 migrants from 1,245 families have been given shelter in the state, which is a small number compared to the millions who have flooded into the U.S. over the past three years.

Karissa Hand, the press secretary for the Healey administration told reporters, “This has previously been a practice among Resettlement Agencies and other volunteers who work to support new arrivals.” A local outlet in the state explained, “The host family model has historically been used to house refugees coming through State Department programs as well as help support unaccompanied minors in need of shelter. However, homeless advocates say it has not been broadly applied to family homelessness in the past.”

Potential host families are all run through a vetting process prior to being approved to house migrants.

This article originally appeared on TPUSA.

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