JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: Failed teachers awarded $1.8 BILLION by NYC after judge deems teacher testing to be racist

As of July 14, taxpayers in the Big Apple will be fleeced out of about $1.8 billion dollars pursuant to a parting gift by former Mayor de Blasio. This tidy sum is the latest earmark for roughly 5,200 black and brown individuals who will get around $2 million dollars each for having failed New York's teachers' test. The fact that they failed has been determined to be a result of racism, and as such, they are being rewarded for that failure, or for being so oppressed that they were unable to succeed.

The teachers' test assesses a teaching candidate's general skills and specific subject area knowledge. It measures general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. As per the NY Post, "more than 90% of white test-takers passed the 80-question multiple-choice and essay Liberal Arts and Sciences Test between March 1993 and June 1995…But black applicants on average scored passing grades only 53% of the time, and Latinos had an even lower passing rate, just 50%, according to the lawsuit. The failures resulted in full-time teachers getting demoted to substitutes and prevented aspiring educators from getting hired. Some became career subs, others found teaching jobs outside the city, and the rest left the profession."

The $1.8 billion payout doesn't include $43 million dollars in exorbitant legal fees to negotiate a settlement, nor does it take into account the plaintiffs collecting pension checks based on time they never worked upon reaching retirement age, health insurance, and, the anticipated "hundreds of other future million-dollar awards" that are expected based on this ruling, per the NY Post.

People who took a test to become a teacher and failed that test have now blamed racist oppression for their inability to pass the test, and for that they have been rewarded.

The idea behind their claim is that societal racism against them on account of the innate factor of their race led to societal circumstances that prevented them from succeeding, making it impossible for them to pass a test and gain a job for which they had been educated and trained.

The United States has done better than any other nation to make race not a defining factor in success, buying property, going to school, and getting a job. Yet in 2023, we're told by the Democrats, that's wrong, that race is the defining factor in anything and everything. 

From Biden, to de Blasio, to Adams, to the the teachers unions, financial institutions, the Oscars demanding quotas are met in order to win awards, and now our legal system, the pervasive message from leadership is that race must be of paramount concern in decision making.

Now, people who could not make the grade and were not qualified to teach children, per the state's own guidelines, are getting a payout because it was determined that it was not their fault but the fault of the system.

Dr. Carol Swain said, regarding the city's action, said "This is totally insane. What an insult to the black and brown teachers who prepared and were intelligent enough to pass the test? What excuse do the dumb white teachers have?" 

As per the NY Post, "225 people who failed the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test used for teacher licensing from 1994 to 2014 had already been notified they're getting settlements of at least $1 million, according to an analysis of Manhattan federal court records."

It's critical to note that amidst this distribution to reward failure, two-thirds of our nation's children are below fourth grade level proficient in reading and math. This is despite being educated by teachers that passed the teacher's test!

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