Julie Kelly says congressmen could be charged 'alongside Trump' in Biden DOJ's latest political prosecution over Jan 6

Julie Kelly, a political commentator and reporter, told Charlie Kirk on his show Thursday about co-conspirators that could be named in the potential indictment against former President Donald Trump, and spoke on the arrest of individuals involved in the "fake electoral scheme" in Michigan, calling it "basically a PR political stunt."  

Kelly addressed the slate of fake Michigan electors saying that a bunch of people in support of Trump "got together... put together these false or fake certifications." 

Pictures of the certifications have been circulating online because of the recent potential indictment of Trump.  

Kelly continued saying that if something were to happen in the election process, the group would have "these alternative slate of electors." 

"It was nothing legitimate and it certainly was nothing criminal," Kelly said. "What [Michigan Attorney General] Dana Nessel, and it looks like Jack Smith could do this too, is charge them with some sort of fraud or conspiring to commit fraud." 

"It's a joke, and this has been done before. Charlie you might recall in 2016, there was a very public and powerful effort to get Trump electors to flip and instead vote for Hillary Clinton."  

Kelly said some electors, as a result, were getting death threats from Democrat-led media campaigns at the time.  

"Now you've got a bunch of baby boomers in some room in Michigan putting together pretend electoral certification letters and Dana Nessel, the Attorney General for the State of Michigan, is now going to prosecute them?" 

Kelly said that the potential indictment relating to the scheme, which was indicated by the target letter that Trump received from Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, is the "greatest legal risk" that Trump has faced so far.  

"So yes, you're exactly right. This is all tied together. It's lawfare. And it's also optics. But back to what you were saying yes, I have predicted for over a year that the DOJ and then Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was appointed in November, would bring a multi-felony count criminal indictment against Donald Trump and others for their alleged role in the events of January 6."

Kirk asked about who could possibly be named as a co-conspirator in the case, to which Kelly said, "So we already know that they've been looking at Rudy Giuliani, that they've been investigating people like John Eastman, people like Jeffrey Clark, who was the acting Deputy Attorney General on January 6, it could be Trump White House officials, it could be members of Congress."

"This DOJ is so out of control, so vengeful, and so unaccountable by judges, and anyone else, that they know they can get away with bringing charges with little to no evidence against anyone that they choose. Especially, Charlie, when it happens in the District of Columbia," Kelly said. 

Kirk responded to the explanation, "You cannot have fair justice as an outspoken conservative, you cannot. The entire jury pool is infected... it's zip code justice." 

The target letter to Trump has not been made public, however, according to the New York Times, the letter may suggest charges of fraud will be made against Trump.

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