SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Twitter gives thousands of dollars to creators through its 'Creator Revenue Share'

After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter in October of 2022, not only were many censored individuals brought back to the platform, but Musk also announced his plans to allow monetization for creators on the platform. Well, it’s finally here, and the platform’s users are seeing the first cut of their creator revenue share, and payments to creators are already in the thousands.

Twitter user, ALX, was one of the first to post an email sent from the social media giant, stating, “Surprise! We’re delighted to share a portion of our ads revenue generated from your Tweets’ replies with you.”


Shortly after, creators began to post just how much the creator revenue they’ve already accumulated. User Ashley St. Clair tweeted out, “FULL TRANSPARENCY. Minutes after Twitter announced ad revenue payouts, I received this saying I’ll be paid $7,153.” 

She went on to share that this amount was not from “subscriptions,” another monetization tool creators can use to give paying subscribers exclusive content, but solely based off of ad share revenue from public tweets.

Musk joined the conversation, tweeting, “Revenue payout to content creators will be cumulative from when I first promised to do so in February.”

Benny Johnson, who boasts almost two million followers also jumped in sharing that his first ad revenue payment amounts to almost $10,000.

“I would typically never share personal financial info but creators need to know that @ElonMusk means BUSINESS supporting the creator economy,” Johnson tweeted.


Creators across the platform seem extremely excited about the ability to utilize the social media platform as an income source. A platform that previously censored any anti-establishment or truthful reporting is now thriving and allowing those who were once targeted for censorship to make a living via their reporting and interaction with Twitter users.

This comes on the back of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta launching “Threads,” a competitor to Twitter that the mainstream media nicknamed, “The Twitter Killer.” However, within hours, users on Threads were already complaining of censorship and Twitter’s new move to allow creators to monetize their work seems to have only strengthened Twitter as a platform.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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