Western officials say Ukrainian counteroffensive 'not meeting expectations': report

The early stages of Ukraine’s counteroffensive are not going as well as expected, with Russian forces proving more difficult to push back than Western forces thought, according to two western officials and a senior US official. 

Russia has proven to be well-prepared for the Ukrainian offensive, strongly defending their lines and effectively grinding down Ukrainian armor with missile attacks, per CNN. The report added that Ukrainian forces are susceptible to minefields, while Russian troops have adequately defended their territory.

One of the officials said that the counteroffensive is “not meeting expectations on any front.”

However, officials have stated that it is still in the early stages of the counteroffensive. The US and its allies reportedly believe that Ukraine can make substantial gains over time. The report suggested that it would not be until July before a clearer picture of the effectiveness of the counteroffensive could be seen.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky conceded on Wednesday that the progress was coming along “slower than expected.”

“We would definitely like to make bigger steps. But nevertheless, those who fight shall win and to those that knock, the door shall be opened.”

Western officials made it known that in war, defending territory comes with significant advantages that are not afforded those who are on the offensive. This comes as Russia has had a significant amount of time to settle in. 

CNN reported that bad weather has proven to be an issue for Ukraine. One of the officials said: “The weather has been playing havoc with the offensive schedule as vehicles have struggled with trafficability. Ukrainian casualties are heavy, though not as bad as the Russia’s are trying to portray.”

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: “This is a very difficult fight, it is a very violent fight and It will likely take a considerable amount of time and at high cost.”

The Post Millennial recently reported that the Pentagon had uncovered $6.2 billion that was apparently part of an accounting error, which it has made known will be sent to the conflict in Ukraine.

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