UK campaigners push back against lesson plans for young students that discuss orgasms and masturbation

Campaigners pushed back against lesson plans that would see schoolchildren being taught about orgasms and anal sex before they reach puberty. The development comes as Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is facing legal action from 1,000 families who claim that their children were rushed into taking puberty blockers by the Tavistock Centre, per the Daily Mail.

The report noted that “secretive lesson plans” had been discovered, which apparently contained students being sent home with “masturbation” as their homework. The teaching materials have also been condemned for “targeting the innocent of children” across the UK.

Graphic teaching materials, which essentially function as a sex manual for pre-pubescent students, are being taught and made available to students around the country. This development comes after a mother of a 15-year-old girl was barred from gaining access to the materials being taught in her child’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) class, per the report.

Although Clare Page was denied the materials, there is apparently questionable material readily available online. Matthew Goodwin, professor of politics at the University of Kent and author of ‘Values, Voice & Virtue,’ said: “Sadly, Britain’s schools appear to be following their American counterparts by exposing our children to radical political belief systems, like gender identity theory and critical race theory, which often have no serious basis in science.”

He continued: “At a bare minimum, parents should have an automatic right to be able to access materials that are being used to teach their kids about race, sex and gender while Rishi Sunak's Government should launch a full inquiry into what is happening in schools. External companies who are brought into schools to teach kids about these issues need to be much better regulated and monitored.”

MP Nick Fletcher stated that parents should have the right to take their children out of situations where they would be learning about such explicit material, saying: “While the Government is working on new guidance for RSHE lessons, the last three years have shown loudly and clearly just how badly wrong centralised bureaucratic guidance can be, on this sensitive subject.”

“The Government’s new guidance must now guarantee parents full visibility of all RSHE materials by requiring schools to publish all materials used in RSHE on their websites. Any third party material used must also be publicly available and citable - no more secrecy, which has done such terrible harm.”

“On top of that, parents must have a right to withdraw their children from RSHE if they do not think a school has developed the right approach for their child. This is an essential safety valve to encourage schools to think very carefully about what is right for their children, parents, and community.”

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