‘UK now understands. America will too’: Elon Musk reacts to England banning puberty blockers for children

After shutting down their national children's gender clinic, Tavistock, the UK has now moved to prevent minors from receiving growth-stunting puberty blockers unless they are part of a study. This comes after a scathing review revealed there were simply not enough safeguards in place to protect children from the lifelong harm of undergoing medical sex changes as minors.

Elon Musk, who has spoken out adamantly against child sex changes, said, "UK now understands. America will too." He has also charged that child sex changes should be criminalized. Recently, Musk noted, sex changes for minors "means castration."

Britain's NHS is now putting together a study for all minors who are currently taking puberty blockers, and enrollment for that study will begin in 2024. Only kids who are part of this process will be administered drugs that stop puberty.

The NHS continues to see an increased demand for medical gender services, and is entirely unable to keep up with the patient requests to undergo sex change. This policy change was broached in fall 2022, but has now been determined to be the course forward, and will be implemented in the coming months.

Other European nations have also moved to limit sex changes for minors, with Finland, Norway, and Sweden backing away from what's called the "affirmative approach."

The "Consultation report for the interim services specification for specialist gender incongruence services for children and young people" issued by the NHS also provides clarity on social transition.

"The new interim service specification proposed greater clarity on the clinical approach to
social transition," the guidance reads. "It stated that the clinical approach to pre-pubertal children will reflect evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence; and that for adolescents the provision of approaches for social transition should only be considered where the approach is necessary for the alleviation of, or prevention of, clinically significant distress or significant impairment in social functioning and the young person is able to fully comprehend the implications of affirming a social transition."

The admission that feelings of wanting to swap genders likely do not persist past puberty is a major gain for those who wish children to grow up whole without interference, as is the admission from the NHS that minors are not fully able to understand the implications of undergoing non-medically necessary procedures that are dangerous and drastically impact their sexual and reproductive lives permanently.

The NHS has found that "there is not enough evidence to support their safety or clinical effectiveness as a routinely available treatment."

The consultation report from the NHS shows that the Cass Report was much of the deciding factor here, as well. The NHS lists four key factors in their decision to commission the Cass Report, from Dr. Hilary Cass.

"1. A significant and sharp rise in referrals: In 2021/22 there were over 5,000 referrals into the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) run by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. This compares to just under 250 referrals in 2011/12."

"2. Marked changes in the types of patients being referred which are not well understood: There has been a dramatic change in the case-mix of referrals from predominantly natal males to predominantly natal females presenting with gender incongruence in early teen years. Additionally, a significant number of children are also presenting with neurodiversity and other mental health needs and risky behaviours which requires careful consideration and needs to be better understood."

"3. Scarce and inconclusive international evidence to support clinical decision making: This has led to a lack of clinical consensus and polarised opinion on what the best model of care for children and young people experiencing gender incongruence and dysphoria should be; and a lack of evidence to support families in making informed decisions about interventions that may have life-long consequences."

"4. Long waiting times for initial assessment and significant external scrutiny and challenge surrounding the clinical approach and operational capacity at GIDS: This has all contributed to the service provided by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust being unable to meet the scale of rising demand and provide the level of appropriate care."

That report found that:

"Regional centres should be led by experienced providers of tertiary paediatric care to ensure a focus on child health and development, with strong links to mental health services. These will generally be specialist children's hospitals."

"They should have established academic and education functions to ensure that ongoing research and training is embedded within the service delivery model."

"The services should have an appropriate multi-professional workforce to enable them to provide an integrated model of care that manages the holistic needs of this population."

"Staff should maintain a broad clinical perspective to embed the care of children and young people with gender uncertainty within a broader child and adolescent health context."

Tavistock is to be "decomissioned," and "service providers will take over clinical responsibility for seeing children and young people on the national waiting list as well as providing continuity of care for the GIDS open caseload at the point of transfer."

As the UK pulls back on gender reassignment and sex changes for minors, the US is going full steam ahead. President Joe Biden calls anyone who doesn't advocate for sex changes for kids bigoted and anti-trans. He drapes the White House in trans colors and encourages parents to "affirm your kids."

As states ban the practice of child sex changes, Biden sics his Department of Justice on them to force them to allow children to undergo harmful, life-altering medical treatments all in service to making girls look more like boys and boys look more like girls. He's even a bit obsessed with it, speaking directly to "trans kids" over and over again throughout his presidency.

Musk has taken a stand repeatedly against gender ideology, going so far as to change policies at Twitter so that gender ideology could be spoken about openly, whereas the previous owners made no bones about the fact that they were fully on board with the trans agenda.

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