ANTHONY WATSON: Parents at New York private school in uproar after 5th-graders given graphic sex-ed material

The Waldorf School in Garden City, New York is experiencing a whirlwind of chaos due to the allegations that faculty are giving graphic sex-ed material to 5th-grade students.

Concerned parents of the students at Waldorf are speaking out about the new sex-ed curriculum that features the book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a children’s book about “changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health.” The book contains graphic instructions and images of self-pleasure, intercourse, and homosexual intimacy.

“There’s a whole page on contraception and vaginal and anal sex and more about how it’s perfectly normal,” one parent said in a statement to The New York Post. “This is clearly agenda-pushing and it’s so outrageous.”

When parents were aware of the content being taught to their children, they requested a town hall with the school. However, the parents claim that the school gave them “evasive” and “gaslighting’ responses to this request.

The Waldorf School, known for its alternative educational approach, costs over $30,000 a year for fifth graders to attend.

The revelation of this material being taught to young children should serve as a reminder to all parents to be attentive to what is being taught in their child’s classrooms. Most parents approve of “inclusive and diverse” materials to enter their children’s classes without properly vetting what the material is. One parent even claimed that they were “sick” and “nauseous” after finding out what their child was being taught.

Any rational person would agree that this material is far too graphic for 10-11-year-old children. But because these schools have a mission to be as “progressive” as possible, we are now forced to argue why something so obviously obscene should not be in children’s classrooms.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA. 

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