NICOLE RUSSELL: Glamour UK is NOT breaking barriers by featuring a pregnant cover model who thinks she's a man

The fringe left is trying to shift the Overton window again. This time, a “pregnant transgender man," a biological female who lives as a male, is gracing the cover of British Glamour, just in time for Pride Month. And somehow Glamour thinks showing a pregnant woman on the cover is breaking barriers simply because she chooses not to believe that she's a woman.

Logan Brown is a 27-year-old female who became pregnant after the cover star stopped taking doses of testosterone. Brown has used the opportunity to be on the cover to talk about “My Daddy’s Belly,” a children’s book the British Glamour cover subject authored. Brown became pregnant with partner Bailey J Mills, a drag performer.

Somehow, through the haze of gender identity issues, becoming pregnant while living as a man gave Brown some anxiety.

“It took me ages to get to this point of being confident of who I am now, in being a pregnant man,” Brown told British Glamour. “I spent so much time feeling shame [about being pregnant as a man] and something clicked and I thought, ‘No I’m going to own this, I’m a pregnant man’ and we’re going to do what we’re doing.”

There are a few things wrong with this picture, literally.

There is no such thing, for starters, as a pregnant, transgender man. These terms and phrases have become common and much of the media has agreed to use them, but in reality, a man–a person with an XY chromosome and male genitalia–cannot become pregnant. Only a woman can.

This cover story undermines the fact that it is women, people with XX chromosomes, who get pregnant. This is both a wonderful, glorious, hard, and painful thing.

Women have the privilege of carrying a human baby inside their bodies, specifically designed for carrying little tiny embryos, thanks to their ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus. The baby grows there, slowly, eating the residuals of what a woman eats and drinks, for up to nine months. A woman can then birth a baby out of her body (or by C-section) and feed the baby with her own, if she chooses to breastfeed. All of these unique elements happen because of a woman’s unique capabilities due to her makeup.

To say that a transgender man, a woman taking doses of testosterone, can become pregnant and do all of these things is a farce, an affront to the women who carry the world’s population in their bellies. It’s a slap in the face to women who get pregnant on the first try or through three rounds of IVF because it wouldn’t matter if a man tried IVF or getting pregnant three million times, he would never become pregnant and carry a baby in his body. This is not his role in the world. He has other unique duties and capabilities.

Placing this person, Logan Brown, on the front of the British Glamour magazine, and calling this biological woman a pregnant man is also a bit ironic for a community that is desperately trying to be unique and different. In fact, there is nothing all that different about a biological woman with short hair having a baby. It’s beautiful and amazing and vital to the world’s growing population.

It’s unfortunate that the transgender community continues to co-opt language, forcing the media to use fabricated terms like “pregnant transgender man.” They are gaslighting the public into believing that a woman who wants to live as a man is, in fact, a man, because she’s taken some testosterone and has done this remarkable thing billions of biological women do: become pregnant. It’s a slap in the face to something many women do and love doing. It’s an affront to women trying to get pregnant or who can’t. It’s an attempt to make a nuclear family unit a farce.

Image: Title: glamour model


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