British TikTok menace 'Mizzy' leads mob to trash London Primark in resurfaced video

A video has resurfaced on Twitter of TikTok menace Mizzy leading a large group of young people through the Primark clothing store on Oxford Street in London. Some of the youth involved jumped up on the counter, while others threw merchandise on the ground, per Daily Mail. It is uncertain when the video was originally posted by the social media influencer. 

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, can be seen recording himself as he runs ahead of the rest of the group of young people. The video has apparently come to light again after outlets have been criticized for providing him a platform after committing crimes and being arrested twice in the past month.

Viewers apparently came out in support of a TalkTV presenter for kicking Mizzy off the air after the TikTok menace reportedly shot a “threatening look” at a fellow guest on the show. The host, Andre Walker, exploded on O’Garro, yelling for security to quickly remove him from the show and then throwing papers in the air.

There has been a heavy backlash against mainstream media outlets giving criminal prime-time slots. Mizzy appeared on Newsnight last Thursday, where the social media terror suggested that he no longer needed to make videos because he was already “established.” Mizzy has also reportedly received advice from Andrew Tate, someone who has been accused by four British women of sexual assault. 

When Mizzy was on the air, Conservative Party member Chris Rose took to Twitter to express his discontent, posting: “Why is Mizzy on Newsnight? We should not reward or incentivize his illegal, anti-social behaviour. Idiotic decision by the BBC.”

Leading up to the resurfacing of Mizzy’s video, he had already been arrested twice. The Daily Mail reported that O’Garro, who is from Hackney, east London, recently appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday and admitted that he had violated the community protection notice that was placed on him, meaning that he was to get express permission from all those who appear in his social media videos.

Mizzy has come under fire for carrying out terrorizing acts, such as stealing a woman’s dog, asking a stranger if he “wanted to die,” and walking into a stranger’s home while their small children were home, jokingly asking if that is where the study group was.

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