German right-wing politician criminally charged for saying, “All for Germany”

Controversial political figure Bjorn Hocke has been charged by prosecutors in the eastern German city of Halle, Saxony-Anhalt for allegedly using a Nazi slogan during a 2021 campaign event. Hocke is the leader of Thuringia’s state chapter of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party, per DW. The party has been condemned as being “far-right” and “extremist.”

The prosecutors in the case suggested that they have “reasonable suspicion” to charge Hocke with deliberately using a slogan used by Nazi stormtroopers during WWII. Hocke is accused of saying “Alles fur Deutschland!” (All for Germany!) during a public event that took place in Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

Prosecutors have motioned to charge Hocke with using symbols that are strictly unconstitutional in Germany. The use of Nazi symbols in the European country is legally not allowed. While Hocke has disputed the illegality of what he said, prosecutors have said that it is improbable, given that Hocke was previously a history teacher who would have known what he said.

The report noted that other members of the AfD leadership have garnered a name for themselves, using provocative language and appearing to allude to Nazi Germany’s horrific past. It has also been suggested members of the AfD have relativized the historic crimes by the Nazi regime, though no specifics were provided.

In late April, it was announced that the youth branch of the AfD had been labeled an extremist group by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency. Consequently, the party was put under heavy surveillance, and the label could mean that members would be barred from jobs in the public sector, as well as not being allowed to own firearm licenses.

Germany recently experienced a series of Antifa riots after the nation had convicted three Antifa-affiliated gang members accused of carrying out violent campaign attacks using bats, iron bars, and hammers. As a result, around 50 German police officers were injured during the riots.

Image: Title: Bjorn Hocke


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