BREAKING: Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam dissect the media narrative on the destruction of the Kahovka dam and Nord Stream pipeline attack

Human Events podcast host Jack Posobiec discussed the recent revelation involving the destruction of the Kahovka dam in Ukraine with National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam. There has been debate about who is actually responsible for the dam’s destruction, with Ukraine claiming that Russia committed a war crime in doing so, while Russia has said that Ukraine did it in an effort to distract from a failing counteroffensive.

Posobiec noted that in one sense, it does not matter who is the guilty party; the fallout of the dam’s destruction has now presented a humanitarian crisis, with many people losing everything they have. While the dam’s destruction does prevent Russian troops from traversing the Dnieper River, it has also presented major issues for the Ukrainian people in the south of the country. 

The Washington Post recently revealed that the recent destruction of the dam was involved in Ukraine’s military strategies in 2022, which could represent a smoking gun. But Posobiec said that “the entire media, the entire mainstream is telling us Russia did this, Russia did this. It’s a false flag. They did this to show their strength, etcetera.”

The host posed the question to Kassam, asking: “The US supposedly has intelligence that they’re about to declassify on this. Should we still buy [into] them after all the lies that we’ve been told about the Kremlin strike, the Nord Stream strike?”

Kassam responded: “It’s [destruction of the dam] obviously going to imperil the lives of many thousands of people. This is a war. Those sorts of things happen. But unfortunately, I should even have to say it, but what doesn’t have to happen?” He went on to say that it has become commonplace now in the West for the government to routinely lie about overseas operations.

Kassam also mentioned the Washington Post published a massive report on the Nord Stream pipeline, which suggested that the Biden administration and other European powers knew about plans to strike the pipeline before the action was actually carried out. Details about the pipeline attack were revealed in leaked Pentagon documents that were posted to Discord. There were apparently divers who answered to the Ukrainian government who were tasked with blowing up the pipeline, and the country’s Western allies knew about it before the plan was carried out. 

Kassam continued: “You know, two months after the Washington Post called Donald Trump, you know, irresponsible and silly or whatever they called him for suggesting that something like this could happen. It’s now actually the front page of the Washington Post, confirming that his suspicions were correct all along.” He connected the recent news about the Nord Stream pipeline to the Kahovka, in that the Washington Post was the outlet to report on this.

Image: Title: poso kassam