45 bags of human remains found by Mexican authorities during search for 8 missing people

Around 45 bags of human remains were discovered in a ravine in the Mexican state of Jalisco while a search team was attempting to locate eight people who had gone missing last week. The horrific discovery was made on Tuesday in the municipality of Zapopan, a large industrial hub, per Daily Mail. Though it has not been confirmed, it is suspected to have occurred as a result of cartel activity. 

The authorities were initially in search of six men and two women, all of whom were around 30 years old, who had been reported missing since around May 20. The missing person reports noted that each of the eight people had reports filed separately, but investigators have apparently confirmed that they all worked at the same call center. 

The call center is apparently located close to where they were reported missing. However, investigators have found more than they expected, with the state prosecutor’s office saying: “Forty-five bags with human remains have been extracted that belong to both male and female people.”

The report suggested that the call center itself could have been involved in illegal activities. The local media reported that the authorities had uncovered marijuana, a cloth with blood on it, and documents that may have represented commercial activities. However, relatives of the victims have accused the authorities of depicting their loved ones as criminals, which may not be the case.

Forensic experts do not yet know exactly how many victims are involved in the remains that were uncovered. However, the discovery of human remains is not uncommon in Jalisco. The Daily Mail reported in 2021 that in the municipality of Tonala, roughly 70 bags of human remains were found.

In 2019, 119 bags of human remains were found, which added up to about 29 victims. And finally, there was a case in Jalisco in 2018, where three film students had gone missing. Their remains were reportedly dissolved in acid.

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