VIRAL VIDEO: Woke NYC professor curses at pro-life students, throws pamphlets to the ground

A college professor in Manhattan could not handle that a group of students had set up an information table that contained information opposed to abortions. In her anger, the professor cursed at the students and shoved their pamphlets off the table, per NY Post.

The incident was revealed through a viral video on social media, which featured adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez telling pro-life students that they were “triggering” her own students by having a table set up at Hunter College.

The uber-sensitive professor suggested that the students were “not educating s**t. This is f****ing propaganda.” The art professor went on to ask if the students planned to do “anti-trans next,” to which the students responded that they were focused on pro-life material.

Though the male student standing behind the table apologized to the professor for apparently “triggering” her students, she said that he was not sorry, “because you can’t even have a f***ing baby.” It seems that the professor believes that people can only have opinions on issues that directly involve them, which is patently absurd.

While Hunter College has confirmed that Rodriguez does work for the school, a spokesperson said that they were aware of the altercation and that they have opened an investigation into the incident. The spokesperson stated that the institution was “taking this matter very seriously.”

“The provost has opened an investigation into the professor’s actions.”

While it is uncertain what happened leading up to the event, there is almost no justifiable reason for a college professor to treat students the way Rodriguez did. The video clearly demonstrated that some college professors are incapable of others holding different opinions than them.

The Post noted that PSC Graduate Center, a labor union that represents CUNY professors and graduate assistants, stood by Rodriguez’s actions.

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