POSOBIEC: G7 countries offer no sign of peace talks, US set to spend more on Ukraine war

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discussed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent visit to Japan for the G7 summit, and how the US government is changing its accounting system to make it seem that the US is not spending as much money on Ukraine as it seems to be.

A story has recently come out of the Pentagon, which suggested that “there’s a new accounting system that’s been put in place,” Posobiec said, describing how the Biden administration has insisted that the official amount of money that the US has sent to Ukraine is actually inflated, “because that number included the cost of the equipment sent to Ukraine, as well as the cost to replace that equipment.”

Though this may seem to suggest that the US is only spending half the amount of money as was initially claimed, that is not what is actually happening. Posobiec mentioned that Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor, who recently appeared on Jake Tapper’s show, said that he is “going to continue to push for even more spending.

In the midst of this, Posobiec said that the conflict in Ukraine is “the largest battle of the 21st century,” and that with information being the way it is, it is difficult to fully understand what the number of deaths are on each side. He noted that Ukraine is reporting one thing while Russia is reporting something else.

The podcast host turned his attention to the G7 summit that took place over the weekend. Zelensky made a physical appearance there, but Posobiec mentioned that there were no discussions at the summit about potential peace talks. He said: “There isn’t a single person of all those world leaders [talking about peace], and you got Scholz [German Chancellor] up there coming out earlier today, saying … Ukraine doesn’t meet the requirements for NATO membership.”

The primary reason that Ukraine cannot join NATO is because one of the tenants is that a potential member cannot be involved in war, which Ukraine clearly is. If NATO were to allow Ukraine into the organization, it would “trigger Article Five,” which means that all of the NATO nations would be directly at war with one of the most dangerous nuclear powers in the world: Russia.

While world leaders and elites are engaging in this conflict, the ones who have to pay are the people who just want to live their lives, especially civilians in Ukraine, he said.

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