Billboard Chris assaulted by gender activist in London

Billboard Chris, whose real name is Chris Elston and travels around the world to draw attention to the errors of gender ideology, was recently physically assaulted by trans activists. 

Chris posted a Twitter video of a policeman confronting a masked individual, saying that they were not allowed to obstruct people’s "right of way."

Chris tweeted: "I’m getting tremendously harassed by trans activists in Oxford today. The sign on my back was vandalized, and I’m not being permitted to walk or move freely. I was just pushed into a car and have a couple scraped up shins. Police have arrived and are not tolerating their shenanigans."

Chris also posted a photo of his banged up shins, jokingly saying that he hopes "the car is okay."

It appears that some time after the incident, Chris was called over by a police officer that he characterized as the "most based police officer I’ve ever encountered."

Chris tweeted: "Most based police officer I’ve ever encountered. 'We’ve been called today by CCTV as you are potentially a victim in what we would would describe as a public order offense. You’re entitled to display any sign you want as long as it doesn’t cause harassment, alarm, or distress to people. From what I’ve been told, you’ve not been doing that. You’ve merely been engaged in conversation, to which some people without the intellectual ability that you might have, have resorted to violence in order to get their message across because words clearly aren’t good enough for them.'"

Chris also posted photos of two people, one of which physically assaulted him, and the other had apparently vandalized his sign that he was carrying around. 

Trans activists have been known to be violent and aggressive when confronted with views that do not align with their own.

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