Polish PM calls for reinstating death penalty after killing of 8 year old boy

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has demanded the Ministry of Justice tighten the criminal code when it comes to abuse, especially of children. The prime minister has decided to make this move after an eight-year-old was abused by his stepfather and subsequently died a few days later due to the injuries inflicted, per TVP Info

Morawiecki has suggested that there should not be any mercy for people who do this kind of thing to children, going on to say that he is a supporter of the death penalty in situations like the death of the eight-year-old. Eight-year-old Kamil, who was from Czestochowa, died on Monday. He had been receiving treatment in the hospital since April 3.  

According to the report, the boy had been beaten and kicked by his stepfather, as well as burned with cigarettes. The boy was also subjected to having boiling hot water poured on him, as well as being put on a hot coal stove. The injuries suffered covered approximately 25 percent of the boy's body, including his full face, torso, arms, and legs. Kamil's mother apparently did nothing to mitigate the abuse and torture, which raises questions as to whether she, too, will be charged in the horrific series of abuses, per the report.

On Wednesday, Morawiecki said: "We are all bursting with anger, frustration, and great sadness associated with this tragic death and suffering of little Kamil from Częstochowa." He stressed that necessary changes to the criminal code need to occur quickly, so as to dissuade potential offenders from carrying out abuses such as this. 

He continued: 
"First of all, I want to call this tragedy by its name and those who did it: only a monster is able to cause such harm to a defenseless child. The place of such torturers is not only in prison but for crimes with such cruelty, with such premeditation I am personally in favor of the restoration of the death penalty." 


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