BREAKING: Jack Posobiec at CPAC Hungary on the woke left's belief that 'the existing social order is the enemy'

Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily spoke on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) in Budapest, Hungary, discussing the prevalence and damage that cancel culture and woke ideology has had on the West, especially the United States.

Posobiec was asked about the nature of woke ideology, and whether there was substantial reason to refer to it as a “virus.” He conceded that wokeness is, in fact, a virus, but that it is a “virus of the mind,” adding that being woke fundamentally subverts one’s ability to function and engage with reality in a meaningful and authentic way. Posobiec also noted that this virus has a way of spreading, whether through social media, schools, and even mainstream media. 

However, it is not that wokeness is a harmless virus that spreads throughout culture. Posobiec makes the case that it has serious consequences, many of which have played out in the US, UK, Australia, and other parts of the world over the past decade or so.

Posobiec noted that when those who adhere to woke ideology, their sense of reality becomes distorted, and they subsequently seek to bend reality in their favor. He says the woke adherents “are attempting to punish you for being successful. They are trying to punish you for seeking excellence. They are trying to punish you because your ancestors built glorious cities like this one here in Budapest," he said.

"Because your ancestors built the systems of law and justice and order that have contributed so much to the development of our societies, to the development of our way of life for so many years.

"They seek to subvert all of it, because in their view, the existing social order itself is the enemy. That is what they are trying to destroy. They are trying to up end all of society in order to achieve their ends their agendas of their ends, of course, which will never be seen."

Posobiec’s claims are substantiated by evidence, including the erasure of standardized methods of measuring performance in schools; the deliberate effort to abandon equality for the sake of equity; and the ridiculous proposition of forcing American citizens to pay reparations for something they had no part in.

He went on to mention that the information warfare that is currently playing out in the West is not happening in streets, farms, or villages, but that it is playing out “on little pieces of glass that we carry around in our pockets,” referring, of course, to smartphones. And he stated that the only way to combat this form of warfare is to use truth, and to continue pushing reality, instead of one’s imaginations about what they wish reality was. 

Posobiec was careful to mention that it is essential that those on the side of truth not cede any ground to the woke mob or ideology, suggesting that the moment this happens, the virus has the potential to “infect more minds” and have a stranglehold on more people around the nation. He points out that the most vulnerable members of society, namely children, are susceptible to the virus.

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