GoFundMe refuses to release funds for former premier of Solomon Islands amid backlash from the CCP

The crowd fundraising website GoFundMe is reportedly refusing to release funds that have been raised for former Malatia Premier Daniel Suidani who was ousted by parliament in February after being critical of the Solomon Islands strengthening their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to a press release from China Uncensored, a popular YouTube channel with more than 1.8 million subscribers that critiques the CCP, GoFundMe is allegedly withholding the funds their supporters have raised for Suidani's legal bills and travel costs.

"Within 24 hours, there were 784 individual donations, amounting to $27,853. At that point, we closed donations and started the process of getting the money where it needed to go. Or trying to," China Uncensored said in the press release. "GoFundMe is now refusing to release the money. They won’t give a real reason. They just say it is under review."

The group states that, "GoFundMe has not accused China Uncensored of violating its terms of service, because no terms have been violated. China Uncensored has been open and transparent with them and our donors about how the funds will be used. As a payment processor, GoFundMe has no more justification to delay or refuse to release donors' money than MasterCard would have to refuse to pay one of its merchants after the sale of goods. And yet GoFundMe has refused to make good on its commitment."

On February 7, members of the Solomon Islands parliament voted unanimously to oust Suidani as the premier of Malaita. The government accused Suidani of financial mismanagement, utilizing federal funds for personal security, and illegally soliciting money from a Chinese-owned mining company, according to a motion filed in court, The Diplomat reports.

However, critics of the government's decision to remove Suidani from his post say that the government conspired against him on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Suidani was heavily critical of the Prime Minister's decision to switch the country’s diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to the People's Republic of China (PCR) in 2019. The former premier directed his provincial government to issue a moratorium on CCP-linked businesses operating in the province over environmental, economic, moral, and social concerns, according to China Uncensored.

The Solomon Islands has endured vast amounts of political warfare over the past few years as the people of the islands attempt to resist the PCR takeover.

Now, China Uncensored says that Suidani is currently in the United States to begin the legal battle but cannot access the funds raised on their behalf.

Image: Title: XiGoFundMe