POSOBIEC, FREI, and WAX: Americans must push back on Bolshevism in the US

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec spoke with New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax as well as attorney and YouTuber Viva Frei to discuss how the Bolshevik movement, which explicitly works towards destruction of capitalism and the ascendency of absolute Marxism, has risen in America.

Posobiec started by articulating the "particular flavor of Bolshevism that's arisen" in America which is "based on these ideas of race and gender, as opposed to the Eastern communism, which was much more pure class hatred." The host then noted how both share "this idea of oppressor versus oppressed." 

"The response to it needs to be a retaking of the institutions," Posobiec said. "Particularly law enforcement and particularly state and federal governments, so that we can actually do something about it by using these types of powers against those that are trying to criminalize their political opponents."

"Absolutely,I think we need to punch back, we need action," Wax said. "We can't simply write a million white papers and you know, discuss this to death. I mean, we need to actually see efforts made on the ground to retake our institutions to retake our government and ultimately to wield that government for our own ends."

Wax added that the side willing to use power "is always going to come out on top and we've seen this be replicated time and time again."

"I think the the form of Marxism that we're facing in the United States is Cultural Marxism developed to take advantage of a situation where we've had general peace, security and prosperity. And they had to create these victim classes," Wax then said. "They had to create these underclasses. They had to create these divisions, all these crazy and more ridiculous lines. Now we're, you know, in the gender stage of it, who knows what comes next."

He then explained how Cultural Marxism took form at Disney. In March 2022, video leaked of Disney executives proudly admitting they were prioritizing far-left content and executive producer Latoya Raveneau said she added a "not-at-all secret gay agenda" to her work.

Posobiec later spoke to Frei, a Canadian, and said, "Canada is like 15 years ahead of where the US is and what happens there comes down into the US almost like, it's the beta testing of these things" and " you guys are already ahead of us in terms of this Bolshevism."

Frei noted how Canada made many subtle moves towards Bolshevism and "planted the seeds" that then grew and blossomed during Covid.

"Covid comes around and utterly shatters everything we ever knew about civil free democratic society for the greater good," Frei said. "It was always for the greater good, which is, you know, going to dovetail back into the Bolshevism idea 'for the greater good.'"

"We were stripped of all of our most basic fundamental freedoms for the greater good and the two weeks to flatten the curve turned into three years," he added.

Later the two addressed the shape Cultural Marxism takes using radical gender ideology and trans militants acting as the newest arm of the Bolshevik regime.

Frei said, "Can you imagine we live in an era where people have twisted logic, twisted morality, to say protecting trans kids means allowing them to mutilate their bodies at a young age before they can even consent to a tattoo."



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