Riley Gaines to headline TPUSA's Young Women's Leadership Summit

Riley Gaines is set to be a featured speaker at this year’s Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit. Gaines is a former NCAA swimming champion who competed for the University of Kentucky. Gaines has been a persistent proponent of keeping biological males out of women's sports.

Gaines burst onto the cultural scene when she tied for 5th place at the NCAA Championships last spring with trans woman Lia Thomas in 2022. As a result, the NCAA gave Thomas the trophy instead of Gaines because they apparently feared that giving the biological female the trophy would result in accusations of “transphobia.” 

Gaines has been on the receiving end of a slew of hate from the trans community. After speaking to the Turning Point USA chapter at San Francisco State University last week, she was ambushed and assaulted by a group of trans activists who harassed her. She was subsequently barricaded in a small room on campus for hours before finally getting out.

Gaines posted a video on Twitter at the time, saying: “The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU...I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man. This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces.”

Gaines responded to The Post Millennial during the debacle, saying: “I’m okay currently, but an hour and a half later, I’m still barricaded in a room with ambushers on the outside yelling and threatening violence.”

“As police escorted me out of the event space to my current location, I was hit, physically, twice by what I presume was a male individual. This only assures me I’m doing the right thing.”

The goal of the Young Women’s Leadership Summit is to “provide encouragement and community to young women and will give attendees the tools necessary to effectively communicate hot-button topics like transgenderism, racism, feminism, and more from a conservative viewpoint,” per Turning Point USA.

Image: Title: gaines