POSOBIEC: New York’s targeting of Trump shows the weaponization of FBI, CIA, and DOJ

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec spoke with guests Raheem Kassam, Kash Patel, Darren Beattie, and Julie Kelly to break down the pending litigation against former President Donald Trump out of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's office.

Posobiec asked, "Why is this happening right now? Why go after Trump now? Why indict him? Now?" and Kassam, an independent journalist, said "he doesn't seem to be getting less popular."

A series of recent polls have shown Trump beating Biden in a 2024 general election matchup. A Harvard/ Harris poll last week also showed the former president beating Kamala Harris in a head-to-head matchup. Polling has also been consistent in showing Trump leading the pack in presidential preference against other GOP contenders. 

"He doesn't seem to be getting less popular and doesn't seem to be losing that front runner status and actually, in the last couple of weeks seems to have picked up numbers in the primary polling that we've been looking at," Kassam said, adding that even in the "fake news polls," Trump seems to be maintaining popularity.

"And so I think all of this is converging on that frustration that they've got, this huge frustration right now... 'If we cannot beat him fair and square, we are going to beat him unfair and unsquare,'" Kassam added, addressing why Bragg was targeting Trump.

Kassam said what was happening part of "the same playbook" that happens in a primary season but "it's just ratcheted up. It's dialed up, it feels hotter."

"This is the fight, by the way, that Donald Trump wants," he added. "It's the fight Donald Trump thrives in. And I think you're only going to see him getting more popular, not less as a result of it."

Posobiec then spoke with journalist Darren Beattie about why attacks on Trump were so heightened, especially as Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin were meeting in Moscow.

"It's certainly a lot of interesting things converging at once," Beattie said. "I don't know how deliberate the timing is. But of course, it's significant in the sense that we only have the capacity to think about and talk about so much at any one time."

"The indictment of Trump does represent a kind of culmination of one of the most important and dangerous trends that we've had in our politics," Beattie added. "Which is the political weaponization of our bureaucracies from the FBI, or the CIA to the DHS, all the way to the Department of Justice. And so in a weird way, this seems to be a natural and inevitable combination of these absolutely poisonous trends."

Posobiec later spoke to Julie Kelly who said that the attacks against Trump have "accelerated into the criminal manhunt crusade prosecution of thousands of Trump supporters, and there just still is really deafening silence out of the Republican Party."

Kash Patel told Posobiec about the extent of the attacks against the 2024 GOP candidate; "They're still going to try to 'get Trump,' and if they can't get Trump, they're going to try to get someone in close to Trump's universe."


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