EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec, Libs of TikTok, Sean Spicer join Kirk Cameron's Freedom Island Tour for DC stop

Kirk Cameron and Brave Books' Freedom Island Tour has been crisscrossing the country, making stops in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Fayetteville, Ark. Savannah, Georg., and is now taking its children's book reading series to the nation's capital.

Cameron will be joined by other authors from the Brave Books' catalog, Jack Posobiec, author of The Island of Free Ice Cream about the ills of communism, Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, author of No More Secrets, about the importance of parents keeping lines of communication open with their children, along with Trent Talbot, and Sean Spicer.

The children's book events have been widely, and surprisingly, protested. Most recently, activists dressed as drag nuns infiltrated the event at the Fayetteville Public Library in Arkansas, and Chaya Raichik's intended book reading in New York, on the same day that NY AG Letitia James held a drag story hour event, received threats credible enough that the event was canceled outright.

When asked how he'd react to protestors coming to the DC event, Posobiec smiled and said "try it." 

"I believe the protestors that we have been seeing at these story hours are the extreme minority," Brave Books CEO Talbot said. "The American people, at large, are hungry for wholesome content as evidenced by hundreds and even thousands of supporters at every library we go to! I expect DC will be no different. We’ve got quite the lineup of BRAVE authors joining us! It will be a great time and family-friendly.”

Cameron has dealt with pushback since he first asked libraries across the country to host the events, only to be told that his event, based in Christian values, did not align with the values of the libraries. In many cases, these are the same libraries that host drag queen story hours. Cameron has persevered, to the delight of the parents and kids who flock to the events.

An event in Henderson, Tenn. was disrupted by activists who pushed back against collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines and surfer Bethany Hamilton. A librarian who stoked the flames of that protest later lost her job over it.

There's no way, Cameron told Human Events, that he's going to back down now. 

"An arthritic flea could more reasonably stop a stampede of wild elephants running to a mud bath," Cameron said, "than a few sad, misguided individuals can stop the tidal wave of good families streaming in to join our fun, faith-filled, wholesome and patriotic Brave Books Story Hours. Early RSVPs are in: Party-poopers will be outnumbered 100 to 1. See you at the library!"

Raichik is glad to join Cameron, saying "It has been so refreshing seeing the BRAVE team and Kirk Cameron travel the country to offer wholesome story hours for kids. I am excited to participate in the upcoming story hour in DC. I spend a lot of energy and time exposing the attacks on our children, but I also want to be active in providing a solution for parents and children."

She told Human Events that the reason she wrote the book was to teach kids to trust their parents, despite so many educators and politicians attempting to remove parents from the equation and paint parents who disagree with progressive gender ideology as abusers.

"That's why I wrote my book No More Secrets, The Candy Cavern, which teaches children to trust their parents! We have to do everything possible to protect the hearts, and minds of the next generation, and this story-hour tour is an excellent way to do just that!" She said.

It was in Nashville, Tenn. that he was joined by country music star Coffey Anderson, and now Brave Books and Cameron are staging an even bigger event, complete with the authors of so many other of Brave Books titles.

On why he wrote The Parrots Go Bananas, Spicer said that "From the earliest grades, children are being introduced and indoctrinated with left-wing ideology and ideas usually reserved for adults. My book and the other Freedom Island books give parents the confidence knowing their children are learning about themes that will prepare their kids to do the right thing when faced with a challenging situation."

The event will be held on Wednesday, March 29, at the Cleveland Park Library in Washington, DC.

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