Majority of Fairfax County parents oppose gender ideology—but the schools are pushing it anyway

The rhetoric around radical gender ideology being taught to our children in educational institutions throughout the country tends to be framed as it being in alignment with most Democrat voters' feelings surrounding this effort to indoctrinate. But it's just not true.

Fairfax County, Virginia has been one of the most publicly contentious districts in our county where parents and school administrators have been clashing over the appropriateness of what is being taught to their children, including the more radical versions of sex and gender teachings.

In a recently released survey by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), more than 84 percent of Fairfax County parents surveyed do not support gender-combined sex education, also known as "Family Life Education," in grades 4 to 8. The survey also showed 3 percent of respondents were "mixed" about the proposal, 1 percent were "unsure" and 11 percent supported the move.

However, despite the landslide opposition to "Family Life Education," the Family Life Committee still plans to recommend and push for a vote proposing these classes.

"The entire process is yet again another example of FCPS pretending to care about community input while running forward with its predetermined narrative. Another example of why the community has lost trust in FCPS," stated the Fairfax County Parents Association.

What makes this poll stand out, even more, is that Fairfax County residents voted overwhelmingly for Democrat President Biden during the 2020 election with 69.9 percent of the vote.

Despite President Biden and other mainstream Democrat politicians constantly pushing progressive dogma onto the public, their positions aren't appealing to most Democrat voters either because most Democrats are rather moderate in their positions.

Their decision to virtue signal to the progressive wing of the party for social issues was one of the main reasons I decided to stop supporting my former party and become an Independent. 

However, I believe their choice to manifest into dogmatic progressives on social issues was partly because they have embraced their status as an elitist party that easily discards the common Americans' interests for the attention of the upper class and you'll get their attention by singing the hymns from their boutique progressive religion.

When Joe Biden goes on television to advocate for "gender-affirming care," I question if he actually understands what that entails. He just knows to say the phrase that pays, and wealthy upper-class progressives pay way more than the average working-class shmoe. It's a strategic political narrative shift that caters to the people who are disproportionately prominent in the most influential institutions in America.

The battle in Fairfax County isn't a dichotomous battle between "the left" and "the right" but a public power struggle for regular people to recapture their educational institutions from the minority population of insidious progressive activists who remain in influential positions throughout their county.

The fight to protect our children from mutilation, exploitation, and perversion is not quite the left versus right conflict that we've been sold by political actors, but it makes lots of people money and becomes a great talking point while running for office. 

Once you make something as common sense as not wanting children to be mutilated an official political position, then people will have trouble diverging from their tribalistic reflex to stick with their team despite how it may conflict with their rational inclinations. It becomes even easier when the opposing team has taken a position on something that isn't personally affecting you.

If you've been feeling defeated about the direction of our country, Fairfax County should give you some hope and reason to reach out to the other side because our fight against immorality has always been a bipartisan one.


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