REVEALED: Trans activist behind lie that Charlie Kirk called for 'lynchings' is a serial hoaxer

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk's talk at UC Davis on Tuesday was marred by violence and vandalism courtesy of Antifa and trans activists who believed—because they were told to believe it—that Kirk had called for the actual lynching of trans people.

Kirk's statements that men should stand up for women in keeping entitled trans-identified males out of women's bathrooms were misrepresented by Erin Reed, a trans-identified biological male who is one of those who feel entitled to women's spaces, women's language, and advocates for child sex changes.

In a tweet, Reed said "Charlie Kirk, CEO of Turning Point USA, is openly calling for the lynching of transgender individuals. Says that trans people should be 'dealt with' like men did 'in the 50s and 60s.' He's the latest major conservative calling for violence against us."

Reed wrote this despite Kirk repeatedly saying that violence is not an answer to the social quagmire of transgenderism, and that peace and discourse is the answer. Kirk employs these methods himself, and he exhibits them every time he speaks on college campuses, encouraging those who disagree with him to ask questions and speak their minds.

Reed's lie was picked up by the Sacramento Bee, which ran an article called "Another fascist speaker is coming to UC Davis. How should the community respond?" The Bee tweeted out the story with post text that read: "Charlie Kirk has called for the lynching of trans people, a comment tha should warran the cancellation of his speaking engagement at UC Davis."

The Sacramento Bee later had to retract their claims, and added a post script to the article by Hannah Holzer. "An earlier version of this column included a statement that Charlie Kirk had 'called for the lynching of trans people,'" it read, going on to detail the interview Kirk had with former University of Kentucky collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines about the participation of biological males in women's competition, and the fallout both on and off the playing field.

Kirk was directly reacting to Gaines' revelation that Lia Thomas, her trans teammate exposed himself to her and other teammates in the women's changing room.

"Some trans advocates on social media," the Bee went on to explain, "extrapolated from Kirk's comments that he called for trans people to be lynched - an accusation The Bee repeated. But a review of the video shows that Kirk never advocated for trans people to be lynched. In fact, he strongly denies the accusation."

Kirk went ahead with the speaking engagement, and Antifa militants, as well as other activists, showed up with the intention of shutting it down. Local riot police were deployed, and activists smashed windows, spray painted graffiti, and caused mayhem.

But this was not the first time that Reed had misrepresented, falsely accused, and misinformed the public. When a power station in North Carolina went down, trans activist Alejandra Caraballo made the claim that it was sabotaged by activsts who opposed drag queen story hours for children.

Reed amplified the claim, going so far as to claim that the "Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and right wing militias are shutting down drag shows and cutting power to entire towns in order to enact ant-LGBTQ+ hate and terrorism." None of that ever proved out, though the investigation is ongoing.

Post Millennial Senior Editor Andy Ngo reported that, in response to a bill in Tennessee barring drag shows in public for children, Reed "re-affirmed [Reed's] commitment to political violence, suggesting violence is innate to LGBTQ people & that weapons will be used against those who try to ban or don't support adult cabaret performances in front of children."

The tweet from Reed reads "Looks like the thought of drag queens with bricks scares Andy Ngo. Good. We won't let you ban Pride. We fought back after Stonewall and we'll find back again if your people try to bring us back to that era. We faced much worse than you before."

Reed referred to bills pending in the Florida legislature as "Don't Say Gay on steroids," referencing the Parental Rights in Education bill that prevents schools from teaching non-age appropriate lessons on gender identity and sex for students in 3rd grad and below, and forbids educators from withholding a student's gender identity from parents.

The bill, Child Protection in Public Schools, reads "Child Protection in Public Schools; Defining the term 'sex'; prohibiting an employee, contractor, or student of a public school from being required to refer to a person using personal titles or pronouns that do not correspond with that person’s sex; prohibiting classroom instruction by school personnel on sexual orientation or gender identity until grade 9; providing that materials used to teach reproductive health or any disease as part of certain courses must be approved by the Department of Education; requiring district school boards to adopt and publish a specified process relating to student access to certain materials, etc."

Reed said the bill "targets teachers and makes it impossible for them."

Reed went on to say that the Florida House's version of the bill "would outright ban being trans in school for teachers." It does not, instead, it says that others do not have to be compelled to speak about that trans teacher in ways designated by that trans teacher.

The bill prevents students, teachers, and others from being penalized for not adhering to a person's preferred pronouns. 

Reed also took aim at The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh, which has become a favorite pastime of trans activists as Walsh is particularly outspoken on the matter. Reed claimed that Walsh made "genocidal comments." Walsh states clearly that biological sex is innate, and that children should not be put through sex changes.

An independent "journalist" who reports on state bills across the country, Reed identifies as a trusted source, one that the Sacramento Bee leaned on for their reporting. But the truth is that Reed does exactly what she accuses others of doing: fabricates perspectives based in bias and not fact.

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