BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr and Jack Posobiec on what America First really means

In an interview released on Monday, Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec sat down with Donald Trump Jr. on his podcast Triggered to talk about the America first movement.

Trump Jr. began. "I think, what people don’t understand … I think our politics are probably very much aligned."

"It’s pretty simply, it’s called putting America first," Posobiec noted.

"It’s not racist, it’s not transphobic, it’s not homophobic, it’s not chauvinist," said Trump Jr.

"It’s the very simple idea of taking the people that were born in this country, that are citizens of this country, putting their interests ahead of everybody else, and that’s it," said Posobiec. 

Asking Posobiec to expand on the idea, Trump Jr. said that "everyone tries to bastardize it," giving the examples of "we’re America first, unless we can get a widget for our billion-dollar corporation," or leaders that tell their constituents what they want to hear, then vote a different way once they’re in Washington, DC.

"There’s a bad example, I think, a bad lesson that a lot of people took from — they say Trumpism, and they think Trumpism just means doing normal Republican stuff with swagger. You know, it’s like, I’m gonna spit a toothpick in your face while I cut tazes, or, you know, take more money from China or sign more deals with the CCP," said Posobiec.

"It’s like, no, it’s actually doing it," he continued. And this is why when you look at going to East Palestine versus being in Ukraine, it’s just so — you couldn’t script that. It was the dumbest possible move that Biden could have done."

Speaking in reference to East Palestine and other small towns across America, Posobiec said "their jobs got shipped overseas by Republicans and Democrats … these are the families that they join the military, they go to church, they work the jobs that nobody else wants to do."

"And all of these other people just totally take advantage of them," Posobiec later added. "So when I think about American first, I try to law it out for people because there were certain issues in the 2015 to 2016 campaign that I think that Trump totally just grabbed on to that. Nobody else was talking about obviously, number one was immigration, right, border and immigration number one.

"But it’s not just illegal immigration. It’s this idea of we’re going to replace you," citing examples of workers in Silicon Valley or Disney training their replacements.

Speaking later in the conversation in regard to the origins of the Covid-19 virus and how then-President Trump was vilified for suggesting that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, Posobiec said, "This goes back — you were asking me before about the tenets of MAGA, the tenets of America first, because it’s not just a slogan, it actually means you have to put these things first."

"So when I look at the supply chains, when I look at the issues that we have, we’re just totally embedded with the CCP and we have been for 30 years at this point. 

"When Tiananmen Square happened, we easily could have said, you know what, I’m done. Not doing any more business with these guys, but that’s not what happened. The Bush family went over there and they said, all right, you guys can stay in power, but here’s how the deal is going to work. You’re going to be the manufacturers of the world … we’ll send you the Western capital, we’ll send you the IP, so Apple will send over their products. You guys build it for us, and then we’ll make the money on the backend and forget about middle America because who cares them."

Likening it to drugs, Trump Jr. Said, "we got hooked and once we got hooked, they gained all the control."

"Now it's like maybe if we have all the factories, if we have all the supply chains, if we have the assembly lines, maybe we actually have the power and you guys are the ones working for us not the other way around," said Posobiec. "Because what are they doing? They’re unleashing TikTok. They’re unleashing fentanyl. They’re unleashing everything they can into our society."

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