I AM YOUR RETRIBUTION: Donald Trump delivers vintage America First CPAC speech

Donald Trump delivered an epic speech to a grateful CPAC crowd on Saturday night, making campaign promises that he can keep, which we know because he's kept them before.

To the enthusiastic crowd, Trump said, "In 2016, I declared, 'I am your voice.' Today I add, I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution."

Instead of an endless and pointless war in Ukraine, Trump promised to end it, and so end the global threat of World War III. He promised to finish building the border wall he started, put an end to the implementation of leftist ideology across government agencies, make the US independent from China, get us out of the World Health Organization, protect children from transgender nonsense, and make American cities safe again from the radical district attorneys who are pro-criminal and don't seem to care about crime or law-abiding citizens. 

"The agenda I've laid out today will end America's destruction. But it is not enough just to stop the forces tearing America down I want once again to build America up. We have to build our country. We don't build anymore. All we do is investigate everybody," he said.

"I'd like to get back to building our country and making our country great again. But it's time to start talking about greatness. for our country. Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American standard of living especially for our young people," he said.

In every area of his platform, Trump promised what he has already delivered: to put America, and Americans first. Energy indepdence, manufacturing independence, free speech, free press, freedom for parents to educate their children without racist and gender indoctrination, election integrity, curbing illegal immigration, putting a stop to forever wars, holding our allies accountable, and refusing to give in to the globalists who seek to deplete American power and give it to our enemies, are all essential components of what Trump says he can deliver to America.

And he means it. So do his supporters. A CPAC straw poll showing the likely winner between Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Nikki Haley put Trump well in the lead.

Media elites and the political establishment thought they had buried Trump under fake scandal after fake scandal, two impeachments based on falsehoods, and repeated attacks on his personality, his family, and his ego. But on CPAC's stage on Saturday night Trump made a comeback and it was like he never left.

Trump is a man and a leader who should not be underestimated. His ability to communicate to his base, to the ordinary, working Americans who are overlooked and discounted by the political establishment, is unrivaled.

"Our country will shine, thrive and prosper like never before. All of this is within our reach, but only if we have the courage to complete the job. Cut the deep state, reclaim our democracy and banish the tyrants and Marxist into Political exile forever. they are bad for us. they want us to fail," he said.

"They want our country to go down. They are sick people. change only happens if we plow fearlessly ahead and declare with one voice that the era of woke and weaponized is over. That is our task. That is our mission. And this is the turning point and the time for that decision," he continued.

"Because as you've probably heard me say before, we will not back down. We will not bend we will not quit, We will not yield. We will press forward with push. We will press forward with vigor. we will push onward and we will finish what we started, we started a great, great, positive revolution, nobody's ever seen anything like it before. It's called Make America Great Again we want to make America great again."

The crowd went wild as he outlined his plans, leaning into the slogans that he believes fully. Those Americans that believe his message and for whom the message is hope are used ot being ignored, used to being discounted, used to being unheard. But under Trump, and in his platform, these Americans are able to hear their concerns, their voice, and their values repeated, reflected and articulated at the highest levels of government.

Those in the GOP and conservative media who seek to push him out of the way are not resonating with Americans. Americans know Trump has their back, they have seent he adversity he has faced, and they are ready to face it with him.

Image: Title: dark maga