EXCLUSIVE: Libs of TikTok's New Book Teaches Parents and Kids How to Fight Back Against Groomers

Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik has partnered with Brave Books for the release of her new children's book "No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern." The book tells the story of a little lamb who knows better than to keep secrets from her parents, but whose teacher coerces her to do so. 

Brave, which released Kirk Cameroan's As You Grow, spurring controversy at libraries that were not on board with the Christian message, intends to release Raichik's book in March. Raichik is no stranger to controversy herself, and told Human Events that her book "is a tool to teach parents and shepherd them as to how to stop predatory behavior."

"One of the first steps of predatory behavior is to sever the parent child relationship to circumvent them," Raichik said. Her goal is to prevent that, by helping parents explain to their children that even if teachers ask kids to keep secrets, that's not ok.

With the Libs of TikTok account on Twitter, Raichik has been instrumental over the last few years in exposing activist teachers and LGBTQ activists who seek to influence children, often against their parents' wishes or knowledge, into questioning their gender identity, socially transitioning at school, or even coming out as trans or queer.

She's taken video footage found on TikTok, posted proudly by those featured in the videos, and shared them with a wider audience who were not otherwise aware of the kind of activism teachers were engaging in. For sharing video clips, showing activists and activist teachers in their own words, it was Raichik who was targeted by leftist media and called all manner of horrible names.

"I think I've done a lot to expose predators," she told Human Events, "or to expose people who are targeting children to sexualize them and tear down their innocence and I figured, you know, I think the time has come together to actually give parents and kids a tool to counteract that and to get ahead of it."

As the account grew in popularity, it became clear that those who were looking to protect the predators weren't mad about the predatory behavior, they were just mad the public found out.

Now, she is giving parents a tool to combat this kind of grooming behavior. "It's predators," she said, "who seek to sexualize children and confuse them about their identity and tear down childhood innocence. And those predators are everywhere and they obviously specifically hang around children."

For Raichik, parents need to be more vigilant as so many educators see themselves as responsible to usher children into a life of LGBTQ identity and activism. 

"Up until a couple of years ago," Raichik said, "everybody in America would agree that a parent is the best advocate for their child and knows their child and has their child's best interest at heart. Obviously, there are exceptions and extreme cases. But at the baseline, parents want what's best for their kids. And there are these bad actors who are trying to say that they know better than the parent and that they could raise their child and they could they can instill certain ideologies into children while cutting out the parent." This is what she is cautioning against.

"Kids have to know how to spot that behavior. If there's an authority figure, an adult figure who they're supposed to trust, and that person is saying 'don't tell your parents this, keep this a secret, let's hide this from your parents,' children need to know right away, whether it's gender or anything else, that this can be harmful. Parents need to have an open line of communication," she said.

"Parents have to be understanding, they have to build that trusting relationship with their kids. So my book actually touches on both those topics," Raichik said.

The book tracks Rose the little lamb, whose teacher Mr. Wooley seeks to feed her and her classmates treats. But like the witch in the woods in Grimm's Hansel and Gretel, what Mr. Wooley is really trying to do is separate Rose and the other lambs in her 2nd-grade class from their parents, feed them sweets, and then cart them off to be eaten. For Mr. Wooley is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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