Posobiec and Emmons Explain Why America Was NOT Founded on Slavery

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec was joined by The Post Millennial's Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons for a special President's Day episode that focuses on the 1619 Project, and the idea that the United States was founded on slavery.

Posobiec began by highlighting that British imports from the colonies relied mainly on the West Indies and not from the British Colonies, which discredits the idea that the US was founded to empower the UK as a slave-owning state.

"We're all taught in school about [how] raw materials from America become British goods, British goods are then sold for slaves in Africa, and those slaves are brought to the United States.

It turns out that a majority of those slaves were going to the Caribbean, not to what would later become the 13 colonies in America... The British Empire wasn't just the 13 colonies, we have this kind of warped view of what colonial America was like, because there were obviously even Canadian colonies that became Tories, those were loyalists that didn't rebel. A lot of loyalists would end up moving there," Posobiec said.

Posobiec made clear that slavery obviously existed in the U.S. as it did everywhere in the world prior to Western civilization and the western world.

"These were the areas that slavery was done away with. There's still slavery in parts of the world today, and depending on how you judge it and how you measure it, there's potentially even more slavery in the world today than there has ever been in the past," Posobiec noted.

Emmons noted that the U.S. economy was not reliant on slavery, noting that New Jersey was an agricultural colony that outlawed slavery in 1804. Other northern colonies outlawed slavery shortly after the declaration of independence which opened "many Americans' eyes to the horrors of slavery."

Emmons said in regards to global slavery now, she said that the reason US slavery comes under such a microscope is that it was "the last government-sanctioned slavery that we really see, so now a lot of that is black market slavery and things like this unless you want to talk about Dubai..." Emmons said.

Several of the founding fathers knew that slavery was a moral evil and not how men should be treated, with Emmons arguing that there is a market for revisionist history in the US, including in the media.

Posobiec highlighted that, even if one discusses the Civil War, that this was "still 100 years after the founding of America. We're talking about things that occurred 100 years after the founding, so this is what the 1619 project does again and again. They constantly jump between the singular founding project and the founding generation of America, and they'll jump forward to things like the Emancipation Proclamation which affected the Confederate states occupied by Union troops first.

"Later, the Amendments to the constitution freed the remaining slaves in the Union states. We are not going into all of the nuances here but we are saying that you are teaching kids lies about the US, to hate their country, and you're teaching them that there is something wrong with them because of the color of their skin inherently. That is insane," said Posobiec.

Emmons added that the history of slavery in the US "is not a straight line at all, it was an awful lot of nuance," to which Posobiec joked that slavery "isn't all black and white."

"There were black men in the south prior to the cotton mill who owned land and slaves, and who also contracted indentured servants from Europe. These men had good standing in the community. This was acceptable for a long time... Some of these men were later disenfranchised... But it does stand that they were engaged in these same practices as their neighbors."
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