America's Idi Amin: The Last King of Clyburn

He helped Joe Biden win the South Carolina primary in 2020, and now his fiefdom's junta gets to go first in the Democratic nominating process in 2024.

He helped Joe, Joe helped him, and Joe said you're welcome.

Runaway historic inflation is making Americans poorer every day. Chaos on the border and a demoralized, overwhelmed Border Patrol. A deadly fentanyl epidemic killing 9-11’s worth of Americans every single day. A violent war in Europe that could go nuclear. China is threatening to unleash its military on our allies in Asia. North Korea launching missiles and ramping up its nuclear arsenal. A feeble president who can often barely complete a sentence and frequently seems to not even know where he is, while the world around us inches toward catastrophe. A woke military becoming ever more hostile to the beliefs and values of everyday Americans. 

Responsibility for all of this lies at the feet of one man. That man is a divisive election-denying hyper-partisan who dumped nuclear waste on his own state

In the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race, Joe Biden was dead in the water. Trump was cruising to reelection against an awful Democrat field. Then COVID happened. The confirmed plagiarist and partisan hack from Delaware was floundering against ridiculously weak opposition despite having spent a lifetime in the Senate and two terms as Obama’s vice president. Obama himself sat on the sidelines while his veep suffered in the polls, his ominous quote about Joe f-ing things up haunting the campaign. Into the breach stepped liberalism's military officer Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina. His endorsement changed the game and catapulted the clownish Biden from the pack to the top, just in time. Clyburn essentially foisted the woke, incompetent, buffoon President Biden on an unsuspecting nation. 

And then he insisted that Biden make his vice presidential pick on two criteria: sex and skin color. He forced the foolish Biden into picking a black woman, on that basis, as opposed to leadership qualities and actual experience. That’s how we got the wildly terrible Vice President Kamala Harris.

Clyburn’s history of opposing Americans’ rights to question Democrats, opposing our right to self-defense, lying about his party’s wish to defund police across the country, trashing elections, and undermining America to benefit his political party is no joke. 

It’s all the rage now to ostracize so-called election deniers, since doing so benefits Democrats and silences their opponents, but Rep. Clyburn was an election denier before anyone had coined the term. Way back in 2000, during and after the close presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore, Clyburn went out of his way to undermine the election and then undermine the man who legally won it. Weeks after the last vote had been cast, as the Bush campaign fought for every vote to count and the Gore campaign openly battled for selective and biased recounts, Clyburn stepped up and said what Bush wanted was illegal and he shouldn’t even be in the race at all. This was after the votes had been cast!

Courts disagreed with Clyburn, and Gore, and insisted that recounts should be fair and based on the law as written before the election, not cynically twisted afterward to benefit the Democrats. Bush won. Gore went off to spread disinformation that the polar ice caps would be gone by 2013 and building on earlier false predictions that New York City’s west side would be underwater by now. He's a genius like Joe, if you somehow can't smell it.

None of that happened, of course, but Clyburn and the Democrats keep pushing their false climate prophecies to foist disastrous economic and anti-liberty regimes on the American people. Clyburn is leading the Dem pack as their #3 in the House, one of the most powerful posts in the country and kingmaker to the president, most recently championing the disinformation-named Inflation Reduction Act, which does nothing to reduce inflation and everything to once again make Americans suffer and put the good life farther out of reach for his own constituents. 

More recently, as in late last year, Clyburn went on a tear arguing that America is somehow becoming Nazi Germany. The analogy he made – a government allowing no opposition and controlling the media – might have made a little sense, but he was slamming so-called election deniers (remember, he’s been one himself for decades when Democrats lose) and ignoring the reality that at the time he said it, the Democrats controlled the White House and Congress and without question dominate the media and were using social media to crush all dissent. Clyburn himself has fought to silence opposition through the disinformation-named Fairness Doctrine. He hates the First Amendment and doesn’t care who knows it. "I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world," said Idi Amin, Ugandan dictator and penultimate Clyburn clone. 

This is the core problem with today’s Democrats, including Rep. Clyburn. With massive media assists, they present an image of being for the little guy, the farmer that Clyburn often cites in his speeches, the plucky American who’s just trying to get by, the Black American trying to build a business and community. But then Clyburn does everything he can to make life harder. He leads the march in Congress for higher taxes, for lawless cities, for destroying the First and Second Amendments, for shackling America to international institutions dominated by demagogues and dictators, and ultimately for crushing what’s left of the American dream for everyone. 

The South Carolina kingmaker who gave us Biden gave us all of that. Your dollars are worth less, you’re paying more just to flip the lights on, and your country is weaker with war threatening the world because a gerrymandered lifetime politician who hasn’t seen a real job since the 1990s endorsed a hapless hack whose last original thought was sometime before the Raid on Entebbe.

A.J. Rice, is President & CEO of Publius PR, Editor-in-Chief of The Publius National Post, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.


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