Political Puritans Have Made a Mockery of the Left– Is the Right Headed Down the Same Path?

A few days ago, a word came to mind to name something that has bothered me for as long as I can remember. It is a word that perfectly explains why the behavior of certain individuals bothers me the most in politics today, and even socially since I was a child.

I’ve been battling these people my entire life, and after 38 years, I was finally able to nail down exactly what all of these people are: puritans.

They’re the people who are rigid, yet expect you to bend to their will– and if you refuse to mimic their posture, you deserve ostracization. You must do everything to the exactness of their imaginary world of perfection, and if you misstep, they’ll tell you to get to stepping.

I remember when I was a child, someone close to me told me that I couldn’t trust White people, and the purpose of this was to pull me closer to accepting a puritanical view of “Blackness” and racial dynamics.

When you question a puritan’s demands, it is unsettling for them, because all they know how to do is push their rules onto others, not validate the logic of their rules.

Puritans lack humility because their diagnoses couldn’t possibly be tainted with overt biases, and their prescriptions for humanity’s ills could never be laced with a soul-poisoning carcinogen.

Racial puritans are cultish in their perspective of the world. All evil can be explained as responsible by the “other,” even if the perpetrators of the evil are within the race. White supremacists do this with anyone who is non-White and black supremacists do this with anyone who is non-Black; two sides of the same coin.

The Black racial puritans I’ve encountered are infatuated with manufacturing enemies because they’re in love with the chaos of constant social battles for righteousness. There is no peace with these types of people, only thrill-inducing conflict that feeds their appetite for seeking domination.

When I choose to get along with people who don’t look like me, I’m calling for a withdrawal of this endless and unproductive racial war. But much like any time you attempt to end any war, there is always resistance from the people who are most invested in the continuation of slaughter– because they were never interested in winning or losing, only participating and profiting.

Today, we’re inundated with progressive puritans who use every institutional measure to force compliance from the masses. They’ll leverage your empathy to gain conformity because your emotional state is always fair game.

All puritans are hypocrites because keeping up with their level of expected perfection is unattainable; progressive puritans are no exception. The box they expect you to live in, you must become the property owner of it, but when it comes to their own box, they can simply rent it.

I left the Democrat party because it caved into these progressive puritans and because they would constantly entertain the racial puritans just to get a vote. I was a liberal who thought free speech was important and advocate for people to have choices in how they live their lives, but the puritans shifted the political spectrum to make basic liberal principles conservative ones.

And now, the political right is slowly becoming enticed by puritans of its own. These are the puritans who label anyone they don’t like because they breathed wrong a “RINO.” They’re the puritans who leverage phrases against someone who varies in political opinion as not being a “real conservative.”

Even the recent conflict between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire was framed by some as a clash between Crowder, a real conservative, and the Daily Wire, the corporate boogieman who isn’t supportive of the real conservative movement. Remember, there is only one way to operate, one way to exist, and one way to avoid ridicule. The puritans can’t allow variations in approach because it’s against their doctrine of narcissism, where only they are correct, and only their path leads to salvation.

Fortunately, these puritans aren’t the majority, but they have far more influence than I’m comfortable with, and they’re slowly enticing rational people to adopt their puritanical partisan worldview with the promise of political and social virtue.

However, these puritans aren’t virtuous, they’re ethically challenged. They are social and political warmongers for status quo behavioral conflict, not peacekeepers for future prosperity.


Image: Title: biden harris