Ron DeSantis Begins 2nd Term as Governor of the 'Free State of Florida'

This article was originally published at The Post Millennial, a part of the Human Events Media Group.

On Tuesday morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was sworn in for a second term.

In November’s midterm election, DeSantis won over challenger Charlie Crist 59.4 percent of the vote to 40 percent, respectively.

Addressing the crowd, DeSantis said, "from the Space Coast to the Sun Coast, from St. Johns to St. Lucie, from the streets of Hialeah to the Speedway in Daytona, from the Okeechobee all the way up to the Micanopy, freedom lives here.

"And our Sunshine State of Florida lives in the courage of those who patrol the streets and to keep our communities safe, lives in the industry of those who work. long hours to earn a living and raise their families. it lives in the dedication of those who teach our children, lives in the determination of those who grow our food, it lives in the wisdom of our senior citizens. It lives in the dreams of the historic number of families who have moved from states across this country because they saw Florida as the land of liberty and the land of sanity."

DeSantis added, "Over the past few years, as so many states in our country ground their citizens down, we in Florida lifted our people up. When other states consigned their peoples' freedom to the dust bin, Florida stood strongly as freedom's linchpin. When the world lost its mind and common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue, Florida was a refuge of sanity, a citadel of freedom for our fellow Americans and for people around the world. 

"In captaining the ship of state, we choose to navigate the boisterous sea of liberty rather than cower in the calm docs of despotism."

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