Posobiec and Bannon: The American Family Must Become 'Tip of the Spear' in the War to Reclaim Western Civilization

On the latest Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec spoke with Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon about strategies listeners can use to work toward reclaiming Western civilization from its attackers as the two agreed on the necessity of making "family the centerpiece" in that battle.

"This is what 2023 has got to be," Bannon said. "We have to have the family become the tip of the spear strategically. The way that the cultural Marxists are trying to break Western civilization is through the family."

"The family is the incubator of liberty, right from time immemorial," Bannon added.

Cultural Marxism is the injection of postmodern Marxist ideology into the core foundations of Western culture and redefines them along dialectal lines of power and hierarchies of oppression and privilege. Against all heuristic reason and decades of ontological truth, Cultural Marxism regards the nuclear family as a unit of oppression. Radical gender ideology and critical race theory are tools of Cultural Marxism. 

"And this is what you've seen with the Bolsheviks. This was what you saw with the Nazis," Bannon said. "This was what you saw with Mao Zedong. This is what we saw in the French Revolution. They want to destroy the traditional nuclear family."

The Bolsheviks were founded by Vladimir Lenin, one of the first major authoritarians who pushed Marxism, and were the galvanizing force behind the Russian revolution. They took power in 1917 and instituted the government that became the Soviet Union. 

The Nazis were a socialist party and Chinese dictator Mao Zedong was responsible for originating red China. 

The French Revolution predated Marx but was the model upon which he founded the entirety of his philosophy.

Posobiec added the Spanish revolution of 1936 as another historical example of Marxism seizing power after trying to destroy pillars of Western civilization. 

"They want to weaponize America's children against the American family," Bannon said of the cultural Marxists.

The two spoke of how TikTok is a tool used by the CCP to tear down the American family.

Bannon later said that the audience has to "weaponize" their knowledge and reminded them that "courage is contagious."


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