Posobiec Speaks Out Against Vatican's 'Persecution' of Pro-Life Priest Frank Pavone

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec spoke at TPUSA’s Save America Fest, where he lead the crowd in prayer and told them about the spiritual war that the west is being engaged in, as well as a "fifth generational conflict."

"It is Christmas time, and we are saying Merry Christmas again. I’m a Christian, but I’m done turning the other cheek, because now is the time for action, now is the time for victory, now is the time to take back our country. We’re doing it We are taking it all back," Posobiec began.


Posobiec took a quick moment to acknowledge a friend of his, Father Frank Pavone, a Catholic priest and pro-life activist who was recently defrocked.

"Father Frank will do anything to defend our unborn children. Anything. Because since 1993, Father Frank has felt in his heart and in his soul, compelled by our almighty Lord to defend the most defenseless in our entire world. Unborn, reborn children. Because of his work and his ministry, and because he has gone on the front lines of this fight, even while seeing the overturning of the evil and demonic Roe v Wade, which we saw this year, thanks in no small part to three Supreme Court justices that were delivered to us by President Donald J Trump. Unfortunately, we live in a time where there is a war on Christianity, and sometimes that war comes from places that we would not expect."

"The Vatican has come down and issued an edict on Father Frank, who they say said naughty things about Joe Biden, and went too far in his defense of the unborn, and they have come and declared that he should have his priesthood taken away from him."

"This is persecution, and I pray that it is appealed because when I see someone putting their entire life on the line for the defense of children to save our children from the likes of planned parenthood and Nancy Pelosi, and Balenciaga, I say I am going to stand with that man and fight. I'm going to stand and fight with Father Frank, because I believe we need to save our children," said Posobiec.

Posobiec then asked the crowd to join him in prayer, before reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Latin. 

"We pray for Father Frank, let’s pray for Steve Bannon, and the children whose lives are on the very line themselves," Posobiec said.


Posobiec said that we were at war, though it’s a different kind of war. 

"I delivered my assessment, and it is this. We are in a fifth-generational conflict, which does not mean a war of sword and shield. It means a war of tweets, memes, narratives, information. A Psychological war. Mathias Desmond described this as mass formation psychosis, and throughout 2021 and 2022, this nation faced the most evasive, high-level mass formation psychological operation that has ever been seen in Western history. That was the push to make you stay at home, to make you take a vaccine that was not fully tested and rushed, and that your children should take it and that you should be boosted."

Posobiec said proudly that he does not comply. "One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word 'no,'" said Posobiec. "The essence of freedom is commanded by negation."

Posobiec then warned those who believe the fight is lost. He said to look at events like Turning Point fest. "Understand that I could give a speech like this anywhere in the world… We're all facing the same thing: a transnational cartel of elites between the west and the Chinese Communist Party in the east."

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