Munchausen by Progressivism: The Left's Attempt to Control Black Voices

The normalcy of identity politics has placed Black people like me in a situation where we are constantly exposed to the tool of racial condescension to reinforce the necessity for their paternalism towards us. It is a relationship much like Munchausen by proxy. They make us sicker by feeding us poisonous narratives while receiving public adulation for pretending to advocate for our recovery.

Social progressives utilize moments of confusion, tragedy, and ambiguity involving Black Americans as a rationalization to adopt us even though we weren’t orphans. They’ve controlled our narrative, and in conjunction with every major institution, they’ve validated the necessity for the adoption process.

Today, to be a “good Black” means to allow others to dictate your interests and to ignore the paternal sickness that social progressives project onto us. It means I must be thankful for being forcefully adopted into an environment where Munchausen by progressivism thrives and my personal interest withers.

As Black orphans, we’re not supposed to heal from old traumas because that would reduce the need for constant pity from our progressive parents. As soon as we start to believe that we aren’t victims who are in need of a savior, our Munchausen-riddled parents will chastise us until we once again accept our role as the “White man’s burden."

On a daily basis, Black conservatives and Republicans are ridiculed and insulted simply for having a different opinion. You’re even allowed to call them “n**gers” without public persecution, but too many people have accepted race essentialism as our destiny, giving allowance for racist tropes and slurs to either keep us in line or publicly mock.

Our social paternalistic figures claim they are allies who are willing to fight side by side with us, but when you differ on your personal tactics towards life, they will disown you and malign you as you’re walking out the door.

If you don’t want to be their adopted trophy anymore, it must be because you’re not really Black, or you really want to be White because you hate yourself. Being Black and choosing a life of independent thought over being married to constant groupthink puts you at risk of becoming a mockable pariah.

The uncomfortable reality is that no one ever gets canceled for using the harshest racial slurs and tropes against Black conservatives because the people who control the narrative want it to be this way. They’ve set forth the agenda to make freedom of thought dependent on your complexion, making the crime of “Blacking wrong” socially punishable.

I’ve spent the majority of my life blacking wrong because I grew up living the way I wanted to live without following the illogical rigidity of Black groupthink. If I was exposed to something that was interesting, I just gravitated toward it without consulting the “how to be Black” manual.

It was apparent that because of how I spoke, dressed, and carried myself that it gave everyone the right to refer to me as being “White” rather than being myself. However, over time, I’ve realized the people who would levy those claims of me feeling inferior in my own skin were just projecting because misery loves company.

Our progressive paternal parents never celebrate the genuine success of someone who is Black, they only clap when success is given to Black people. White progressives especially want the social currency of being involved in a Black person’s success. For example, Joe Biden specifically stated he wanted a Black woman as a vice president before selecting Kamala Harris, and our progressive parents fervently clapped at this notion because they ultimately don’t believe we are capable of competing.

Being authentically Black to them means behaving in a low-class manner and being willing to accept excuses for my destructive behavior. The expectation throughout my life from these types of people has been for me to at minimum behave like a degenerate who knows no better. I’m supposed to be impulsive, weak, and in constant need of White saviors to help me navigate through life and survive the prescribed poison they’ve given me.

Munchausen by progressivism is all around us– and we getting sicker by the day.

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